I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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[The Girl I Once Was is a series of blog posts compiled from real-life journal entries from my teenage years. If you’d like to read the story from the beginning, you can find the introduction here.]

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i’ve discovered food tastes better outside. also: words are more impacting when you read them outside and prayer is more powerful outdoors. [kidding. bad, bad theology.] despite not being an “outdoorsy” girl [i didn’t grow up camping or hiking] — i have fallen in love with the outdoors. i used to dislike summer. maybe dislike is the wrong word… but if forced to state the seasons in order of preference, summer would have been last. but there’s such beauty in every season. even on our chilly vancouver mornings, i’ve been eating breakfast outside every single day. on the hotter days, jeans and a t-shirt would be enough in the morning — but often i’d wrap myself in a gray wool blanket. it’s the same routine every morning. i change into something comfortable, scramble two eggs, put two pieces of spelt bread in the toaster, stir the eggs while grabbing almond butter and honey, flip the eggs onto my plate, grab my toast, fix it up, grab a white mug from the cupboard, press “brew” on a starbucks verona k-cup, grab a fork and knife and carry my plate, mug, bible, journal and blanket to the deck. i love our deck. i’m going to miss those quiet mornings. none of that sounds fun or relaxing in the rain. and our deck isn’t covered. those mornings help me to rest. i read while i eat and then i close my bible, close my eyes, lay my head back and pray. i have specific things i try and pray for everyday, and then i have separate lists for monday through friday. i still get restless when i pray. God’s working on me. but sitting outside and praying helps. it’s ten extra steps to get inside, and thirty more to my office. the separation is nice. distraction is harder to find outside. but fall is coming. the mornings have been cooler and today, i am wearing a thick sweater, a scarf, jeans and boots. this is partly because starbucks is always cold. but it is also because fall is coming. or shall i say, autumn. i like any excuse to use that word. september and october are my favourite months of the year. i have a fresh desire to live everyday with great expectation. it really is a beautiful life. all this growing, thinking, creative, writing, running & living i get to do. it is pretty amazing.

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alvina & jonathan attended the same church for years with their families. both of them “knew of” one another but their small age difference meant their teenage friend groups rarely crossed. in 2008, these two “officially” met while jonathan was planning a youth camp for their church. alvina had lots of experience planning camps and jonathan was given her name to ask advice. after an initial conversation about camp, they moved onto other topics, of course, via instant messenger. alvina left for 3 months vacation and when she got home, they picked right back up where they left off — and they started dating in july 2009!

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the best way to describe a wedding day as a photographer is: it’s game day. i’ve put in the hours of practice, i’ve prepared and packed, then i gotta bring it. i have to show up with my best game and i can’t stop until the job is done. i love the intensity of what i do — i love working hard. anything other than producing work i am proud of [even when sick, tired, going through things in my personal life or approaching the end of a long season] is not an option. because it’s what i am paid to do. get in the game or quit. i love seeing growth in my art. i love that i still love what i do even after 5 full wedding seasons and almost 100 weddings. i love learning to be the best i can be. i want every single wedding that i shoot to be my best one yet — because moving backwards isn’t an option. i had the pleasure of having mikaela ruth assist me at jasmine & vince’s UBC boathouse wedding sunday. beside creating gorgeous images, mikaela also grabbed these captures of me on game day. enjoy the behind the scenes look.

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