I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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January 31, 2014


I admit it, I’ve had this post saved in my drafts for an embarrassingly long amount of time. “I’ll publish my summer reads when I have the time and mental energy to write a paragraph about each.” Yeah, see how that turned out? It’s JANUARY. Instead, here’s my recap. I discovered Bill Bryson on a whim and laughed my way through his first book. Following the final page, I opened up Amazon.com and ordered four more of his books. I read them all that month. All, all, all so hilarious. My favourite is easily “Thunderbolt Kid.” Kent Haruf’s book “The Tie That Binds” I purchased after finding “Plainsong” at Costco and loving it. Usually if an author wrote one book I liked, I’ll like the others. I wasn’t disappointed. Very unique character writing. I like him. “The Age of Hope” I borrowed from my aunt Lyla and read in one day while travelling to Tofino for a wedding in August. (Waiting to drive on the ferry, on the ferry, and half of the drive to Tofino – Taliah drove. Thanks Taliah.) It was the best. I LOVE finishing a book in a day. Finally, “We Were the Mulvaneys” – a long read, a dramatic read (Joyce Carol Oates is always a little dark) but if you have patience to get through the 500 pages… I always find books relaxing.

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Because we are having a shorter engagement, wedding invitations were one of the first things on my task list. At 4 months from our wedding day, there was no point in sending a save the date – only to send an invite 4-6 weeks later! Right away, we booked our venue (we did have a date loosely in mind pre-proposal) and confirmed the ceremony and reception times. Next step was choosing the wedding fonts. Easier said than done. Something I knew about myself but has only been confirmed in my wedding planning process: I don’t enjoy research for research’s sake. I like results too much. I’m too “end goal” focused. Sitting on the couch looking at fonts for hourssss feels like I’m spinning my tires and not going anywhere. (As I type this, there is a frog outside my office window. I can’t see the frog, but OH, I hear the frog. Our neighbour’s house is only 15 feet from my wall… this isn’t the country. Why are their frogs here? Was it their pet? Did it escape? Why can’t I see it – but just hear it? Why did it suddenly appear a month ago and WON’T LEAVE? I need to kill this frog/I need to get Randy to kill this frog.)

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Laser eye surgery was a possibility that first crossed my mind a few years ago. Since I was a teenager, I’ve worn glasses for reading books or any kind of screen (computers or at the movies.) I had one really bad eye (my right eye, which also had astigmatism) and one good eye, my left. My left eye carried my vision and explains why I was able to go without glasses for so much of my life! I was able to read without glasses just fine – but as of a few years ago, I started to get headaches after prolonged reading. At twenty, I started wearing glasses “full-time.” I bought a fun pair I loved and got used to the daily routine of “wake up, put glasses on” and “get into bed, take glasses off.” I liked my glasses. I liked wearing glasses. But a few situations were still a pain – running/working out, bright sunny days and rain. Because of my astigmatism, I was never able to be fitted for contact lenses. My optician tried a few times over the years but with no luck. I hated running with glasses. So I didn’t. My vision was “good enough” to see safely, no question, but I couldn’t see distance. Even a short run would give me a headache for an hour post-workout. At the gym, I’d sweat. Glasses would fall down my nose. On bright sunny days, I had to switch my regular glasses for prescription sunglasses. Two pairs. One glasses case. Always switching. On rainy days, every time I left my car to run errands, raindrops all over my lenses. Inside, out came the cleaning cloth to wipe them down. (If you live in Vancouver… you’ll get it.)

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I had the pleasure of second shooting for Monique Weston during my trip to Montreal last October. I love assisting Monique–it was my 3rd time following her around on a wedding day–and I always have a ton of fun. This lady is full of life and a blast to work with. I miss our breakfast/coffee/driving-to-Rhianna times a lot and wish she lived closer!

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