I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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I am blogging today from the “Queen of Coquitlam” boat (Hashtag BCFerries) en route to Nanaimo to pick up my husband in Qualicum where he’s been working all week, and drive north Island to Courtenay. In the midst of three very busy work weeks for my hard-working man we were thrilled when his crew finished their Island job Wednesday evening. The rest of the men are headed back to the Mainland to work, but he was able to stay behind. I cleared my Thursday/Friday schedule as best as I could (the original plan was to ferry over Friday afternoon!) and here I am, on the 12:50pm boat to see him a day earlier. This is good news. A three and a half day weekend together visiting his mom and friends in his small hometown I love so much.

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Forge: A Modern Day Love Story told by Jamie Delaine Watson wwww.jamiedelaineblog.com

Questions and conversations and predictions about my elusive future filled many-a-evening of my teenage years. Sprawled on the floor of my best friend’s living room on a rainy winter’s day, fifteen years old, pens in our hands, lined paper neatly placed on the carpet. Where would I be in ten years? I’d be a business woman with a degree and a corner office. I’d pursue my recently discovered art interest and become a graphic designer. I’d study, receive a Masters of Fine Arts, become a writer. Where would I live? I’d stay in the suburbs of Vancouver. I’d move to an apartment in the city. I’d go to University in a college town on the East coast of Canada. Who would I be with? Someone I’d meet at university, in between classes, in the dining hall. We’d meet through mutual friends. We’d meet over a conversation about C.S.Lewis in a quirky cafe. Or maybe we had already met. I was never interested in a relationship while in high school. Sure, I liked boys, but I knew they were just that… boys. I wanted something more. A couple months after high school, I started attending Trinity Western University with plans to attend for one year. I was excited about the possibilities – to learn, to read, to meet students and professors, to grow my photography business on the side. Some of those teenage questions about my future started to come into focus. I was living my future! If I worked hard I could achieve anything I wanted. (I wanted to achieve a lot.) I could drop out of college if I wanted. (Turns out I wanted to after one semester.) Travel anywhere I wanted. (I wanted to travel lots and lots.) Live anywhere I wanted. (I wanted to live at home with my family.) Those young adult years after high school all the way up until, well, today and this season were and are beautiful days. Filled with learning, challenges, ups and downs, “growing into my own,” dreaming and believing.

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Happy Monday everyone! I had an exciting start today! (Kidding.) My husband is working out of town for the week and his truck is in the shop soooo that meant joining in his daily 4:45am alarm. We had breakfast at 5am (new experiences) and we drove his half hour commute. After sadly kissing him goodbye, I made the half hour trip back to my parents’ house. I plan to be here, back at “my old home” most of the week – because living alone is boring. At 6:15am, I attempted to quietly open the door to my parent’s bedroom (cue two loudly barking dogs) hoping my dad would be out of bed getting ready for his work day and I could hop in. He wasn’t. But he got out of bed and I got in. With my socks and jeans and sweater on, I fell back asleep until 8:45am. It was glorious.

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I’m excited to share a little family session with you today. (“Little” meaning we had 30 minutes to shoot as part of my spring mini-sessions last month, not “little” as in the number of people in their family… as you can see from the photographs!) When Rachel, the mom of all of these beautiful children, emailed me interested in booking a time slot and I heard “5 kids” my first thought was, “That’s a lot to handle in 30 minutes, so no promises here but I’ll try my best!” These seven were a blast. I loved the kids outfits and how well they worked together during the session. The boys were boys, running every which way, making silly faces and I love boys. Annabelle, the oldest of five and the only girl, has her work cut out for her. ;)

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