I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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Yay! You’re married, you’re settling into your new life together, friends are starting to call you “Mrs. ‘New last name'” already and it’s exciting. But it’s not legal yet! Where does a new bride start in this confusing task called Changing Your Name After You’re Married?!  

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I had the joy of meeting Yumiko a few months before her wedding a couple of years ago! Yumiko and her mom wanted to photograph traditional Kimono portraits at the Nitobe Memorial Garden before her wedding day. It was seriously such a gorgeous session, Yumiko looked so elegant, you have to check that post out! A few months later, I saw her when she was coordinating Lori & Kevin’s wedding day. She did a fabulous job and her company Setting the Tone Weddings and Design is doing so well. I was excited when she emailed me about head shots for a new website coming soon! I adore the locations we found.

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What are the top things you want to convey to potential clients with a first (probably cyber) impression?

Oh! I love this, knowing what you want to portray to clients is so important, that’s what creating a brand is all about. You’re right, 99.99% of my clients first impression will either be through a) my social media or b) my website or c) my blog. I need to make sure I have a consistent brand throughout the various mediums. Of course, social media will be the most personal and most current, my blog will be the next and my website will be the most curated and least often updated. (Although I try to update it at least twice a year!) 

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It’s been over a year since I had my PRK laser eye surgery! The first and only blog post about the experience I wrote when I was about 5-6 days post operation and for months now I’ve been wanting to write an update. Surprisingly, “PRK Recovery Story” is a keyword that draws quite a few readers to my blog from Google every month… I guess people are curious about lasers. ;)

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