I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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A few weeks ago, Myles and Chantelle volunteered their time by modelling for a posing video, soon to come on my YouTube channel in the next month or so. Myles and Chantelle are new friends of ours and we have loved spending time with them. Myles also works full-time for my brother’s editing company, Post Partner, and along with Chantelle, they are photographers, too! These two will be celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary in September and I was so thrilled to capture these “professional” images of them… for the first time since their wedding day.

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Happy Friday, everyone! Oh boy, it’s going to be difficult for me today to adequately tell the story of this beautiful wedding day in Tofino, BC last weekend. As mentioned on Monday’s Ucluelet Engagement Session post, Randy and I met Shannon and Robert for the first time the day before their wedding. Both have lived in Edmonton for the last couple of years and actually had not visited their destination wedding site (Tonquin Beach in Tofino) since they were dating! 

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Early Friday morning, Randy and I hopped on the BC Ferries and drove across Vancouver Island to Tofino. We were so excited to be back in one of our favourite “cities” (if you can call Tofino a city!) for a weekend destination wedding. Friday evening, we were set to meet the bride and groom, Shannon and Robert, at the Ucluelet lighthouse near the Coast Guard station. Around 8 o’ clock in the evening, we started our session with the most beautiful light in one of the most gorgeous parts of this country! 

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Three years ago, Doris went out for dinner one evening with a group of her girlfriends, along with one of her friend’s fiancé. He offered to take a photograph of the four girls together and unbeknownst to Doris, he texted the photo to his friend Jimmy. Within an hour or so, Jimmy dropped by the restaurant claiming he happened to be passing by. Doris had never heard her friends mention Jimmy but was intrigued by this new guy.

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