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Australia Reminiscing

Good morning! I’m back for Part 3 of my “Winter Project Show & Tell.” In Part 1, we looked inside my United Kingdom trip (links to all blog posts included) and in Part 2, my Quebec album (links to all blog posts included, as well.) The last trip of my crazy year of travel was our 2 week trip to Australia. My parents spent a few weeks in Australia on their honeymoon, 25 years ago, and it’s somewhere I’ve always dreamed of going. When the opportunity to shoot Roxy & Diego’s wedding a few hours outside of Sydney arrived, I knew I needed to take it. My friend Leanne came with me and we traveled to Sydney, the Southern Highlands (Bowral – where the wedding took place), Melbourne and did a day-trip all along the Melbourne coast one afternoon, too.

A few things I loved about Australia: humid summer weather, thundering-tropical-rain-storm (most amazing one I’ve ever experienced), two lovely, very hospitable couples we stayed with (Ben & Karalee Fielding in Syndey, NSW; Amy & Nathan Oliver in Blackburn, VIC), the Thai food near Karalee’s house we ate twice, morning runs in Sydney across the bridge and to the Opera house, water ferries, Hillsong church (we attended two services at two campuses), their accents and… driving on the left side of the road (I rocked it, no big deal.) Oh and the coffee. Great coffee there.

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Quebec Reminiscing

This is Part 2 of “Winter Project Show & Tell.” After creating a Blurb album of my United Kingdom trip in the Spring of 2011, next on the list was 3 weeks in Quebec in Fall 2011. I designed a 12×12″ book to show off all of my Montreal and Quebec City images. Because I was alone for the most part, there are no photos of myself… or people. Ha! It’s simply a travel photography album and I’m so proud of how it turned out.

Quebec was a life changing trip. I learned how to be still. I learned how to be alone. I learned when I am alone, I’m never really alone, because I can spend time in prayer with God wherever I go. While I walked the streets of Montreal, browsed the underground mall, waited for the Metro, sat in a corner cafe with an americano–I wasn’t alone. I was learning. While I drove my rental car into Quebec City from the suburbs every morning for over a week, I listened to worship music or sermons and although I was alone…. I wasn’t alone. I packed my Nikes and after a few hours at Starbucks just outside of Old City Quebec, I ran through a park overlooking the river alone. But I wasn’t really alone.

And as I spent most of my evenings in various guest bedrooms, reading my Bible, writing, praying, listening to music, thinking, I was alone — but I wasn’t alone. God was so faithful to speak to me on that trip. I learned a lot about myself and the woman I was (and am) becoming. A cool, challenging trip to take as a single 21 years old. I enjoy re-living it through my memories often. And I’m happy to have a book to assist those memories now. ;)

ps. Books were printed at Blurb.Com // as mentioned in the first paragraph. Buuuut, judging by emails and comments – it seems to have been overlooked! Enjoy!

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