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Rest, Hot Tubs & Rook Cards

A Weekend in Cannon Beach

Something Randy and I were most looking forward about being married was being able to go away for a weekend together. While we were engaged, we were hanging out with our friends Kelsey and Jon and the Oregon Coast came up. We decided to plan for a little trip in June. We picked a weekend and that was that. Back to wedding planning I went. It has been almost three months since Randy and I have been married (One year for Kelsey and Jon next month!) and it was so fun to spend a weekend away with friends.

Friday morning we were out the door around 7:15am and headed south. The drive was no problem on the way down, just over six hours. Not  including a stop in Astoria to eat at Fort George Brewery & Public House (highly recommend it!) and a stop in Seaside at Safeway to grab groceries for the next two days. Our time in Cannon Beach was much too short (it’s a really lofty goal to drive 6-8 hours on only a 3-day weekend) but we made due with the time we did have. Next time we would absolutely go for more like 5 days. Not 3.

Weekend highlights included waking up to my husband every morning (he leaves at 5am so… this is a rare occurrence), staying in bed until 10:30am the first day (!!) and 9am the second, hot-tubbing both nights, playing four games of Rook, cooking together at the cabin, taking photos on the beach at sunset. Most of all, just spending time with Randy. I miss him when he goes to work/I go to work. Is that silly? I don’t think it is. Dreaming about the day where we both can work side-by-side in the same field.

If you are in need of coffee recommendations, definitely check out the Sleepy Monk (pictured in this blog post) and Insomnia Coffee (instagrammed here.) I loved my decaf almond milk lattes at both places.

Thankful for the life we live.

Thanks to Kelsey’s husband Jon for these next two photos.

Honolulu Honeymoon

You Are My Home

Six weeks ago, we flew home from our honeymoon in Honolulu. After the six hour flight and the hour drive home from the airport we threw our suitcases into the corner and crashed in bed. It was well after midnight and we were exhausted. As we lay there in the dark, I thought, This is now our home. Not Randy’s, not mine, but ours. It was my first night there (“at Randy’s place”) and suddenly I was overwhelmed with emotion. This was my home (as a literal fact) but in my heart, it felt far from being my home. My home has never been here. My whole life, I had traveled the world only to return to my room. A room dismantled, a room no longer. Everything felt unknown.

With an emotion I couldn’t name or understand, I started to cry. When Randy heard my tears he turned to hold me. I cried as he held me tight, praying for me, and eventually, drifted off to sleep. It felt like a silly thing. To be so happy, content, loved but still experiencing the emotions of change. Change isn’t easy and I’m learning, this is normal. And it is very much okay to feel things.

It’s been seven weeks of marriage and six weeks of routine at home. Every day gets better. We learn more every day. We love more every day. We learn (Okay, I learn–Let’s be honest) more patience every day. We trust one another more every day. We need one another more every day. It’s the best journey I have ever lived. I am an overflowing bucket of tears what feels like constantly. It’s comical. Tears come when I’m thankful, grateful, hugging Randy after work, looking into his eyes, reading a book, watching baby whales on TV. I tell Randy falling in love with him “broke me.”

I know what it is to love someone more than I ever thought possible and perhaps feeling that depth of emotion has unlocked a dam of tears held back for years.

“Randy, two months ago, I was laying in this very bed with you. I was sad. And you held me while I cried.
But now,” I said as I kissed his shoulder, the tears welling up in my eyes, “You are my home.”

He squeezed my hand. “And you’ve been mine for quite some time.”

The evening view from our Ilikai condo balcony.

Before dinner self-timer portraits.

A morning view.

The best dang tacos in Waikiki.

A secret little spot called “The Spitting Caves.”

A drive one day to Lanikai Beach.

The image above this and below are on the drive to Laie.

Below, four photos from the Whale Watching and Snorkeling trip we did on a catamaran with only eight other passengers in Waianae.

Thanks for reading this little space of mine. It honestly means so much. I love writing and I love sharing and it’s nice to have people who care to read and comment. Thank you.

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