Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


With a short engagement, there were a few tasks I needed to be on right away. Inviting my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids was one of those tasks! I had seen a few different ideas online and many were crazy-creative and over-the-top elaborate. My wedding planning style thus far has been “I want it to be pretty, and I don’t want to “settle” but I also don’t want to exhaust myself over little details no one will notice.” I was really happy with how this project turned out.

I bought 6×6″ envelopes and thick gray cardstock with a sheen from a local packaging store. I designed the “Will you be my bridesmaid?” text in Photoshop and printed it onto the gray paper on my home printer. Black and white photos were pasted onto the bottom left and the invites were finished with two types of twine! I’m thrilled to have these six girls standing beside me on my wedding day… less than 90 days away by now. (Time is flying.)




  1. Gail says:

    DARLING! Love seeing ALL of these wedding posts Jamie! I might squeal at your wedding photos. You will be such a beautiful bride. Soak it ALL up, since it’s going SO fast (which is smart of you — less time to fret over the details!)
    PS – I am SO glad I got married pre-Pinterest. Hahaha

  2. Holly says:

    soooooo incredibly sweet! LOVE these, jamie! and yes, pre-Pinterest weddings! those were the days! ;D

  3. Brielle says:

    So beautiful! Cannot wait to see the details of your wedding!

  4. adorable Jamie! Love this idea! I bet they all feel honoured to be your bridesmaids!

  5. angela says:

    love this Jamie!! so excited for you!!!

  6. Karen says:

    ” I also don’t want to exhaust myself over little details no one will notice.” <— GOOD GIRL! THis is the right mindset! :)

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