Christmastime Was Here

Christmas this year was unlike any year before, my first and only dating Christmas and our first engaged Christmas, all wrapped into one. It was awesome to share our family traditions with Randy and also visit his family on Vancouver Island. Christmas Eve has always been spent at Lyla and Steve’s house. We have dinner (it’s different every year! sometimes ham? sometimes chinese food? no tradition there), play games, open our presents to one another. On Christmas morning, Randy came over early and we had breakfast together, just the five of us (the four in my family + Randy.) We drew names for our immediate family and enjoyed watching each other open presents.

I think that’s my favourite part. I don’t enjoy shopping. I like to be generous, I don’t like to buy stuff “just because.” How do I know if they’ll like it? What if they could have used this money for something else? But then there’s a predicament – because although money or gift cards might be helpful… it feels a little lame. “Merry Christmas here’s a gas card, go fill your car up.” Not very festive. Thankfully, God knew what he was doing when he gave me Randy because Randy is awesome at buying gifts and he loves finding what people like. (His whole family is like that! We are… not. That’s the kindest way of phrasing that.)

Because this season is and has been so busy for us, our Christmas shopping was put on hold until the week before Christmas. Randy says every other year he’s had it done before December (look at him go!) and was annoyed we left it so long. I agree with his philosophy. As I shopped in December, all I could think about was sales I saw in October/November. Think of what I could have calmly picked up for different family members earlier in the year! I think he’s onto something. Next year, I’m making a list. I’m brainstorming. I’m ordering online. I’m shopping in October. It will be beauuuutiful.

After Christmas breakfast, we were lazy until the afternoon when we packed up the car and drove to West Vancouver for turkey dinner at another Aunt and Uncle’s place. It was an early dinner which left Randy and I plenty of time to eat, hang out, play games and catch the 9:30pm ferry. The ferry left from West Van on time and we got to Randy’s mom’s in Courtenay around 1am Boxing Day morning. Phewwwwf! We slept in a little bit the next morning before opening up gifts with Jackie (Randy’s Mom) and having our own Christmas morning together, just the three of us. The next three days were spent in Courtenay (I love love love it there… so restful) spending time with Jackie and a few of Randy’s good friends. Sunday morning, our 4th morning “home,” we headed out for Victoria, two and a half hours drive down the Island to see Randy’s dad and siblings. We had Christmas leftovers with the family and took the 7pm ferry back to Vancouver.

The next night, last night, we were at a cousin’s get-together, dinner and games night. The party has not been stopping. Tonight of course, is New Year’s Eve! I usually LOVE New Year’s Eve. For not being a late night person, I don’t know what it is, but NYE is the best. I am up until 2 or 3am and love playing games late, late, late. (Hey! Last year I hosted a party and Randy was one of the few “friends” to stay until 2am. That was nice.) However – we are a little worn out – and I think a couple movies in and games with the parents may be just what we need! Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Yearrrrr!



  1. hannah elise says:

    loved this! the photo of you with Randy at your family’s Christmas is adorable–you are glowing in happiness. :) so excited for you in this new season of life!

  2. jenn says:

    merry christmas and hapy new year, jamie!

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