Our Wedding Story: Part Two

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Hey, I’m Jamie! I capture joyful wedding and portrait photos that feel like you—through easy, natural posing.  I've photographed over 270 weddings in the last 14 years and it’s a joy to spend my career capturing natural, joyful images!

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Hello, everyone! I’m back and ready to continue writing Our Wedding Story. Part One detailed the events leading up to our wedding day: the guests arriving from out of town, the set-up and rehearsal. Now that our wedding has been published on Green Wedding Shoes, I’m free to share even more photos and stories with you all here…

Friday, March 28th, 2014 had arrived. The day we chose a little over four months ago to be wed. Friday, an afternoon ceremony, an amazing dinner with friends and family, at the perfect wedding venue. I’d wear a simple dress. A bold necklace. Blue shoes. Red nails. He’d wear a grey suit. The girls would be in classic black. We’d honeymoon in Hawaii two days later. This was our plan. It felt so… normal to me on my wedding day. Of course it was my wedding. Of course I was marrying Randy. I slept soundly the night before, which surprised me a little. I imagined I’d be predicting or anticipating how the next twenty four hours of my life would play out, one of the biggest days of my life. But no, I slept, peacefully, easily and I woke up easily, peacefully. I went about my morning routine, knowing it would be the last morning all of my things would surround me in that home. I showered and changed into comfy pants and a big hoodie, made my breakfast… the same thing I have every morning: two scrambled eggs, two pieces of gluten free toast, a big mug of green tea.

A few minutes before eight o’ clock my bridesmaids started to arrive. The six of them were there within the hour, dressed in their grey robes, drinking tea or coffee, grazing at the snacks my mom had placed on the kitchen island, listening to music in the background. When Kristen arrived at the front door, I knew Randy’s black truck had to be outside, in the driveway. Kristen and Caleb were staying with Randy at our home and Randy was her only ride. Caleb, Kristen’s husband and Mark, Randy’s best man, stepped inside the front door as well. The sky was grey and the rain was coming down strong, as it had been since early morning. In Mark’s hand was two dozen red roses and a card. I recognized Randy’s writing and told the boys to have fun at their breakfast.

I wandered up the stairs to get something when I heard some sounds coming from the driveway. Unable to see the street from my bedroom window, I walked to the den. Standing on my tippy toes, I could see Randy. He was wearing his blue rain jacket, hood up, checking something in the tailgate of his truck before walking back around to the driver’s side door. When I knew he wouldn’t see me, I called out to his brother, Tommy. “Tommy! Up here!” I waved. “HI JAMIE!” He yelled, waving back before the truck drove down the road.

How many times have I watched Randy’s truck drive away… today, I’m marrying that man, I thought.

Randy’s words have always got me. I found them excessive at first, awkward to receive, unsure what to do with all of the emotion he felt for me. Within a few month’s time, I grew to love it, need it, crave it, appreciate it. I have every note he’s ever written.

Our rings, on a clipboard from my room that holds two of Randy’s cards. “The Best is Yet to Come!” was a card he gave me for our six-month anniversary slash proposal.

Me & my green tea, every morning. Bridesmaids Jen and Kelsey in the background and the lovely Jessica Blackmon doing my hair.

I wanted to make my wedding as simple and economical as possible for the entire wedding party. Black seemed like the easiest option. Assumedly, everyone would have a little black dress in their closet and if they didn’t, they should. So my wedding would do them good. ;)

My beautiful wedding dress, hanging in the bedroom I loved so much.

I like this photo of my Dad, eating a muffin. Hanging out. And little Jeffrey on the floor.

My cousin Kristy volunteered to do makeup for myself and all of the bridesmaids. It was such a nice gift. (She’s amazing. Book her.)

Time was passing with a crazy speed. I still felt not a pinch of nervousness! I was ready! We walked up to my bedroom where my dress and accessories hung organized and ready. My mom gave me a card to read from her and my Dad.

When I was dressed and ready, I walked to the bathroom to grab something to find Jen there. She was brushing her teeth and started tearing up immediately. I couldn’t stop laughing at her crying. It was a really impressive talent, combining those two things!

I love this photo of my Dad and I. We look so stinkin’ much alike.

The clock said 12:05pm, I was dressed and ready. My engagement ring on my left hand, one of my Grandma’s diamond rings on my right hand. Our wedding bands in the care of my bridesmaid Candace. My blue high heels were on. My chunky pearl necklace and blue-gold studs in place. My teeth brushed. Bags packed. Adequate food had been consumed and I was ready to see Randy and experience the day we have been planning for oh-so-long.

(Okay, for four months. But that was long enough though, thanks.)

Dress Designer: Mori Lee
Dress Store: Belle Bridal
Hair Stylist: Jessica Leigh Blackmon
Makeup Artist: Kristy Gonsalves & Brittany Newton
Engagement Ring: Brilliant Earth
Bride’s Wedding Band: Brilliant Earth
Bride’s Shoes: Vince Camuto
Earrings: Vivid by Esther
Necklace: Sukran Kirtis Jewelry
Clip: Molly by Hushed Commotion
Veil: Marisey Accessories
“Jamie & Randy” stamp: Rubber Stamp Champ
Flowers: Bethany Ann Flowers & Styling
Groom & Groomsmen Ties: JCPenney
Groom’s Suit: J. Crew & Banana Republic
Bride & Bridesmaid Robes: Victoria’s Secret
Photography: Lydia Jane Photography
Videography: Hello Tomorrow Films
Sound/DJ: Johnny Velasquez

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  1. Michelle able says:

    Soooo sweet!!! I know I don’t know you personally but I’ve been following your work for a while and I’m so happy for you!!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!! :)

  2. Erin says:

    How exciting! What beautiful details. Congrats! I’m dying to know where you purchased your wedding necklace – its beautiful!

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Welcome here.

Hey, I’m Jamie! I capture joyful wedding and portrait photos that feel like you—through easy, natural posing.  I've photographed over 260 weddings in the last 13 years and it’s a joy to spend my career capturing natural, joyful images!

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