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Muriwai Beach

February 9, 2015


For three weeks, we’re traveling the country of New Zealand (#WatsonsdriveNZ) and blogging our way through it. Follow along + catch up by reading Part One and Part Two.

Thursday was our third day in New Zealand! As mentioned, in my “day one” blog, I’m going to do my best to write every day of our trip! But I realized – blogging every day in real-time is going to be a bit too much. Between traveling all day and arriving at the hotel to 30-40 emails… answering all of those, then writing about our daily adventures, editing photos and then blogging them? It doesn’t feel like a vacation. I’ve decided to write every day (because that’s easy – and I write in the car on my laptop while Randy drives, and also, I love writing) but not worry about blogging the days one after the other.

Our morning started with breakfast at The Falls in Hendersen, just outside of Auckland. I loved this place! Randy finds the best food in a city. I had eggs and bacon on toast. A few restaurants have served eggs like this – like a benedict, right on your bread, even scrambled eggs! It was awesome. Randy and I enjoyed our meal and lingered over green tea and coffee until it was time to get on the road.

Our next destination was Muriwai Beach – less than an hour outside of Auckland. Randy planned almost this entire trip, which is awesome because a) I didn’t have to do it and b) Most things are a surprise for me! I absolutely loved Muriwai. You can park near the beach and walk thirty minutes around the cliffs. The coolest part about visiting Muriwai Beach when we did was the BIRDS. New Zealand has tons and tons of birds and something like 80% of the birds are native to the country… found nowhere else! How neat is that?


Between January and March of every year, hundreds of birds travel to Murawai from Australia to mate and watch their eggs before they hatch. These birds mate for life (up to 20 years!) and although they spend time apart in the winter, they always return to the same mate in the summer. Murawai Beach is a very windy area and that’s specifically the reason the birds choose this spot year after year! When their babies are four months old, it’s easier for them to catch their first flight in the strong wind – they fly all the way back to Australia. Until when they are 3-7 years old, they’ll return back to this cliff to mate!

We drove through pretty countryside on our way to Manly, another Auckland suburb. We found a really cute bed and breakfast online and we basically were looking for a town to explore before making our way north to the Bay of Islands. Well, folks, Manly and surrounding areas… feels very… lacklustre. Randy and I spent a couple hours driving all over looking for something to do before deciding on the beach. But the weather (pretty much since we arrived!) has been too chilly and windy for summer days on the beach! It’s definitely an “one-night town.” Wouldn’t recommend the town, but we would recommend the bed and breakfast. Look at our view!

As always, more adventures to come.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jennifer Liong

    February 11th, 2015 at 8:26 am

    love reading and following your trip, jamie!

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