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Exploring Wellington

February 21, 2015


For three weeks, we’re traveling the country of New Zealand (#WatsonsdriveNZ) and blogging our way through it. Follow along + catch up by reading Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart FivePart SixPart Seven and Part Eight.

Our only full day in Wellington started with breakfast at Olive on Cuba Street. This little cafe is so cute! I’m obsessed with the breakfasts in New Zealand. A lot of places have gluten free bread and my favourite thing is how eggs are often served on toast. If you order “toast and eggs” you get your eggs on your toast. To be eaten with a knife and fork. I like this a lot. The green tea has also been fabulous everywhere and it seems every cafe has loose-leaf tea.

After Olive, we grabbed coffee at Flight Coffee Hangar – supposedly the #1 spot to grab coffee in Wellington! We would agree! Next, Randy took me to the Te Papa museum. I say Randy took me to, because let’s be honest, Randy’s making our travel plans and as he just reminded me, sometimes even literally pushing me along as we walk. (I asked him yesterday for a little boost. “Randy I’m tiiiired, if you put your hand on my back and push that would be awesome.“) The best thing about Te Papa is it’s FREE. I love FREE THINGS. It’s a massive museum, five stories and I’m proud to say we made it through four of them.

We walked around the waterfront until I refused to walk any longer and we found a patch of shade and played cards for an hour until lunch. ;) For lunch, Mac’s Brewery on Taranaki Street with a couple we met through Instagram! Julie and Shane are traveling New Zealand right now and a follower connected us. Our dates overlapped for Wellington so we enjoyed lunch and getting to know each other a little.

The rest of our day was more relaxed (I needed it after the pace of last week!) and included each grabbing a double scoop again at Kaffee Eis (seriously, so good) and driving up to Mount Victoria. (Different than the Mount Victoria in Auckland, but yes, same name.) There have been so many rad lookout points so far. We love them. Other thing I loved about Mount Victoria was the couple I spotted about twenty feet down the hill, hidden by tall grasses, drinking wine and enjoying the view.  That’s a cute date. I told Randy, “If we lived in Wellington when we started dating, you would have planned a date here, I just know it.” 

After Mount Victoria, we were back in the car driving and exploring for the heck of it. The city definitely “gets” to both of us. “I mean, what is there to do in a city anyway? You pay money to eat, to drink coffee, to shop, to park, it’s all about stuff.” (That’s me being dramatic.) But seriously, we are not city people. We ENJOY the city, enjoy seeing the city, enjoy cool cafes and all of that – but I’m a suburb girl and happy about it, and Randy’s a country boy. We’ll ideally end up somewhere between the “way out country” and the “suburb” with our family someday.

All that being said – it was so refreshing to be in the car together and driving without a plan. Randy stumbled upon this really neat peninsula across the bay from Wellington and we stopped to take a few photos and explore the coastline. For dinner, Southern Cross Restaurant (once again – cute decor, loved their polka dot water glasses and mix of vintage chairs and tables) and then seeing Selma at Lighthouse Cinema.

First off – I still LOVE seeing movies in New Zealand. We need movie theatres like this. (You can read more about this here.)

Secondly – Selma was incredible. Martin Luther King Jr.’s autobiography is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read so I expected something amazing. It was. There aren’t really words for the battle for equality that went down in the South… and there still aren’t words for the battles of equality and racism continuing today. I closed my eyes in every single scene where there was violence (I can’t handle it) and still cried for three whole minutes during the audio of one of those scenes. Worth watching.

Tomorrow, we’re onto the South Island!

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