Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

A few weeks ago, on Good Friday, we made the hour drive out to Agassiz (not too far from our wedding venue!) to the Agassiz Tulip Festival. When we arrived, it was completely disorganized. There was a parking lot a forty-five minute walk away from the fields and instead of walking, a shuttle bus was supposed to pick up the crowds 100 people at a time and make the loop. Long story short, we waited for a full hour for the bus and looked at our watches and thought, this is dumb, let’s go. So we never saw any tulips but Randy said, “I’ll take you to LaConner again!”

Excellent idea. We love Washington, and where we live in Langley, it’s only 20 minutes to the U.S. Border. The first weekend day we had available was yesterday so Randy and I loaded up the car with our stuff and our dog Harley and hit the road. We were in LaConner by 9:30am and driving around trying to find signs for the festival. We’re driving and driving and I happen to be reading a book aloud, to the both of us, by Donald Miller so I’m not even looking at our surroundings. “Hmm… I feel like we’re missing it. Aren’t these fields supposed to have tulips in them?” “We can’t be,” I said. “Let’s keep driving…”

Keep driving we did. “What did the website say?” Randy asked. “What website?” “The tulip festival website, did you look it up?” “No I didn’t look it up!” Randy throws his right hand in the air and starts laughing. “JAMIE!” “Hey, hey, hey,” I grab his hand, “I’m sorry! I just thought, Tulips! April! Tulips! Besides we came here at the exact same time last year…” Randy’s staring at me. “And…?” he asks. “And… we said next year we should come earlier because almost all of the fields were gone.”


But, as I told Randy in my best sunshiney-happy voice, “It doesn’t matter. Because you and I get to hang out. We get to have a fun day. Look we’re down here so early, the weather is gorgeous. Our dog is sleeping happily. We’re reading books. This is the best day ever. And next year we can do it again and see the fields.”

Although the driving-through-the-fields-tulip-route was no longer, there is of course, the tulip gardens and farm area that still is there. It’s free to park, cheap to enter, so we walked around a little bit, bought three bunches of beautiful tulips and went into the town of LaConner for lunch at the Calico Cupboard. We sat on the patio, near the water in the bright sunshine and just enjoyed being together. I’m so thankful for quality time.

Happy Monday, friends!




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