Spending the Week in Haiti


Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

Thanks so much for clicking onto my blog this week. I wanted to leave a little note to let you know we’re in Haiti for the next week and updates on social media and this blog will be sparse. 

For those of you who may be new to my blog and business, my husband Randy and I founded an initiative called The School Sessions almost one year ago. Our goal was to unite photographers across the world to raise $200,000 to rebuild a school in Haiti destroyed by the 2010 earthquake.

We asked photographers to shoot one or more portrait sessions during April 2015 and donate 100% of the proceeds to our fund. Our goal was lofty… huge… and we managed to raise $45,000 through the help of HUNDREDS of photographers! 

This winter, we’re re-launching our website and fundraiser with all new marketing materials (photos! videos!) for our April 2016 fundraiser! In order to capture new photo and video… we needed to go back to Haiti.  We are thrilled to be at ECCA School again, see all of the students, and capture amazing media to tell their stories.

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A little note of encouragement I wanted to share with any of you working hard to make everyone feel like a somebody:

Last week Randy and I watched the movie McFarland. It was set in McFarland, a small “picker” town in California, where people are raised picking the fields and die picking the fields. A new teacher in town saw their hard-work and cardio abilities and encouraged them all to join together and start a cross country running team. They resisted at first – doubting they could success at anything besides what their family had done for generations.

However, when these boys started to succeed… it was like a rolling snowball. They were good at something. They could go to college. They could be something more. (The movie is based on a true story… and these boys went on to win California State Championship in cross country 9 times in 14 years.)

That’s what I want for the students of ECCA School. So badly.

I grew up in a family and a culture that told me I could be anything I wanted to be. There was always encouragement and a feeling of people who “had my back.” There wasn’t for the kids of McFarland and when somebody invested the time and energy and love into them – they blossomed.

I want these Haitian students to know they CAN be excellent at something. They can really change their families future through getting an education. It’s possible, they just need humans to believe in them. Believe not only in “words” but in time, love and energy! 

I pray The School Sessions can be that for these students in 2016.

(P.S. We’d love if you’d follow us on Instagram! @theschoolsessions)




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