sunshine coast wedding: alison+ryan . part II

after the ceremony and some frolicing on the beach with the bridal party, it was time to focus on alison+ryan’s first photos as husband+wife. alison’s birdcage veil by twigs & honey suited her bone structure perfectly. these bridal portraits are some of my favourite ever. so serene and simply beauuuuutiful. i love how carefree these two are together. example: we were about to start photos of the two of them and alison shouts to the groomsmen, “josh, pete! can you guys dig up some crabs for us to take photos with?” and off josh+pete go, turning over rocks all the way down the beach until they’ve found two little crabs for ryan+alison to hold. talk about unique? :) love it.

i didn’t have the pleasure of shooting this couple’s engagement photos but they took no time at all warming up to my camera. instantly comfortable and enjoying cuddling with one another. we also incorporated some of alison’s hard-worked-on details around the ceremony venue: the hanging tissue paper balls of all colours and sizes, ryan’s sketchings and their two signs. first, the “ryan & alison” made for some fun photos and of course, the “long live and prosper” sign with a vulcun salute underneath. hahahaaha. there is the most delightful garden a few minutes drive away from alison’s parents place. it is at a residence and for a small donation, you can take photos, go for a walk, enjoy. the sunlight was softer at that time and came through the greenery magically.

after portraits we headed to the bonniebrook lodge in gibsons, bc where the reception was held. the details there were quirky and an eclectic mix of bright coloured flowers and vases. as favours for their guests, alison + ryan made a “mix tape” (CD) of their favourite music. which of course, is also my favourite music. best wedding favour. &… so, that’s all i got, folks. enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the slideshow.

to see more of alison+ryan’s sunshine coast wedding at the bonniebrook lodge CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
p.s. special thank-you to robyn-michelle lee for second-shooting.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Ooooo I love these photos! The colors used for the wedding are just gorgeous. The first image in this set is the bomb!!

  2. Natasha Robinson says:

    Do you know who designed her dress?

  3. donya says:

    Trekkies! Yay! Love the one of the groom with his name behind him. Very creative!

  4. LOVE this wedding and the Sarah Seven dresses and all the details. beautiful job!

  5. hi natasha!my dress was made and designed by sarah seven based out of portland, oregon. the dress style is "a peaceful afternoon".thanks for your comments! jamie is THE most AMAzing photographer, we are ECSTATIC over these photos!! :)

  6. Dorothy says:

    definitely some of my favorite work of yours! :) perfect.

  7. Rachel Clarke says:

    Beautiful! They’re all so photogenic. The house is INCREEEEEEDIBLE. Love the detail shots too. Everything looks so clean and natural! Great job Jamie!

  8. David Jay says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  9. Meredith says:

    WOW! Jamie, these are incredible. I love love love love them!! Gosh. And to the couple, I love how you mismatched everything. =) And I love all the other cool creative stuff you did.

  10. Tira J says:

    What a fun wedding Jamie! I love how unique everything was. Just awesome!

  11. Jacilyn M says:

    Stunning! My mouth is still on the floor, yep, for the last 2 hours. A-MAY-HA-ZING!

  12. Cat Watson says:

    Dying here, these are awesome. So much character and personality in all of the details. Love the portraits of the bridesmaids…just so pretty:)

  13. Ohhhhh my! These are a new fav. So gorgeous Jamie D!!!

  14. oksana j says:

    such a beautiful job girly…gorgeous couple.

  15. Beria Charles says:

    Looooooove everything about these pictures! The composition, the colors, your talent shining! Stunning work!!!

  16. Sarah M says:

    Jaime, I’ve been stalking *ahem* "following" your blog for awhile now and I think this is my favorite couple, yet. Their eccentricity (is that a word??) shines through your photography. Congrats to you and them! Cheers!

  17. Did you take any bad photos. They are all perfect! My fav is the bride standing on the rock. I want to be just like you. Is there any tips you can give for getting the pics so clear?

  18. s h e r r y says:

    Oh my. So many amazing this about this wedding! 1. The beach photos are GORGGEOUS. 2. UM. LIVE LONG

  19. This beautiful wedding definitely merits two blog posts – absolutely amazing!

  20. Cute stylish couple! I love here purple shoes.

  21. Jamie, these are great. love them specially the umbrella shot

  22. Laura R says:

    Love these! Beautiful photos and wedding.

  23. Trude says:

    What a lovely, lovely wedding. You truly captured their happiness!

  24. Erin Dayhaw says:

    This is my favorite wedding you have done!

  25. Marryam says:

    Wow…this is my favourite wedding you’ve shot, sooo beautiful, can’t stop looking at the photos!

  26. So rad! Love the trecky vibe! Incredible as usual Jamie :)

  27. MJ says:

    These are absolutely STUNNING images…I am in love! Great work!~Warmest Regards~XO

  28. Carissa says:

    this wedding is to DIE for!! every shot is perfect. amazing job jamie.

  29. Christa says:

    Okay so I officially love EVERYTHING about this wedding, I need to convince the hubby to renew our vows just so I can do this ….LOL :) Beautiful shots as always Jamie :)

  30. Kira says:

    Love the emotions, color, and adorable-ness in this post from head to toe. :)

  31. Ginger Murray says:

    I love everything about this wedding– really wonderful job capturing the details and the happiness.

  32. I LOVE THIS WEDDING! and the fact there was a mix cd! if you would be interested in a feature on hi-fi weddings (where music loving couples get to gush) then i’d love to have your lovely work on the site! just email me and let me know what you think!

    xoxo – ashley

  33. Carly says:

    The pictures and this wedding is SO pretty!! Beautiful wedding and couple! Could you tell me where the grooms tie is from?? It is exactly what I am looking for and I CAN’T find anything like it anywhere!! Thx!!

  34. Ryan (Groom) says:

    Hey Carly, my tie was Paul Stewart that Alison ordered online. Happy hunting!

  35. HA! Gotta love that “Live Long and Prosper” pose. X) Absolutely gorgeous photos! I think I’m your biggest fan – ask my momma. She hears about you and your beautiful work far more often than is necessary. lol. Keep the creativity coming! :)
    –Abigail @ Rear Window

  36. jackie says:

    awww! i love them! and i love the light and all of the details! these are wonderful!

  37. Alison Page says:

    Hi there Jamie fans! I just wanted to mention that I’m now selling the boutonnieres I made for our wedding on Etsy (as well as some other styles and floral crowns)! If you like the style of our wedding, you might like my shop! Cheers!

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  39. Sophie SHNAPP says:

    Wonderful pictures – the day looked magical :)

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