Richmond Family Photos

I often receive emails wondering if I would be willing photograph non-wedding work? The answer is (almost) always “Yes!”  In the summer, of course, weddings and engagement sessions are often my priority but when I can fit in family sessions, I love the opportunity to shoot them. 

I booked a great family for this session on December 23rd on the phone one afternoon. Later in the day, upon mentioning the family’s name to my husband, he said, Oh! Their son-in-law just started working at the church. (My husband works at our church, too!) It was funny timing because that very evening was the church staff Christmas party, so it was awesome to meet Brooke and Rob before the shoot the week after.

Richmond Family Photos

It’s not the easiest to pose nine adults together in a fun but non-awkward way, but I think we did a good job together! ;)

Richmond Family Photos

This is one of my favourites.

Richmond Family Photos

At the end of the session, we went back to their house for some indoor/Christmassy photos! I also got a freshly made Americano out of the deal for the long drive home. It was a pretty good morning! 





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