Kelly and Dan met through mutual friends at a casual group hangout on Valentine’s Day! They connected a few months later at another hangout with friends, after which Dan sent Kelly a message asking her to dinner. They’ve been together ever since. Kelly and Dan are both lawyers, and live in Edmonton—but are getting married […]

Joan and Collin met in February 2013, when Joan started a new job at the software company where Collin was already working. Joan remembers working on a comic strip for a work presentation with Collin, when she realized: “I kind of like this guy!” Collin felt a natural attraction to Joan, as well, and asked […]

Alfred & Sarah are both nurses and met for the first time at work. Alfred remembers liking Sarah’s personality right away and feeling at ease immediately! Sarah remembers being super shy and thinking what a nice smile Alfred has. :) A few months into working together, Alfred asked Sarah to go on a hike with […]

Michael and Alice met in 2010 while attending UBC. They had both joined a Taiwanese social club on campus and over time, got to know one another with friends. Fast forward eight years, and Michael knew he needed to make Alice his wife! He planned the sweetest proposal.  If I can remember the details correctly, […]

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