Lynn Canyon Park Engagement Photos

Two years ago, Ayesha was in Cancun, Mexico for the week to attend a friend’s destination wedding. Although Ayesha had known this friend for 12 years, she had never met his brother, Irlec!

Leading up to the wedding as all the guests got to know one another in Mexico, Ayesha caught Irlec’s attention. She was beautiful, fun, and he wanted to know more! When the wedding day arrived, during the reception Irlec asked if Ayesha would like to go for a walk on the beach to get away from the crowd for a bit. She said yes, of course!

They had an easy connection, and Irlec (who also happened to live in Vancouver) asked if he could take Ayesha out on a date when they returned home. Their first date was visiting Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. By the following week, they were in a committed relationship and Ayesha says, “the rest is history!”

I have to say, one of the coolest parts of my job is reconnecting with families years later. I photographed Ayesha’s sister Faezah’s wedding when I was… oh gosh, 19! A lifetime ago! And Ayesha remembered working with me, and was set on hiring me for her wedding day, too. Such an incredible honour.

Thank you, Ayesha, can’t wait to be part of another family celebration!

P.S. Enjoy their Lynn Canyon Engagement Photos!




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