Best Of 2019 Vancouver Engagement Photos

I feel so fortunate to have celebrated my 12th year of photographing weddings last year! Each year, my gratitude grows for this beautiful career I have–it’s a gift to be a wedding photographer. Recently, I’ve tried to picture ALL the couples I’ve shot over the last 12 years, representing almost 250 weddings. I picture everyone in one auditorium together. As I look around at every face in the audience, I could say, “I was there for their wedding! I took their photos! I captured the start of their family!”

Overwhelming! It’s a motivating and beautiful reminder that the work I do matters. I’m SO GRATEFUL for the new couples who continue to choose me as their photographer, year after year. Here’s to many more years of helping clients remember their wedding day through joyful, natural photos.

This week on the blog, I’m sharing a “2019 wrap-up” in each category: engagements, weddings and portraits–and engagements are up first! Enjoy! (PS. Want to see all of my engagements this year? Click here.)




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