Jericho Beach Engagement Session

Spence and Karina met during the first few weeks of medical school and were acquaintances throughout the year. After their last final exam of the year, they were at a med school party with classmates when they started talking about their Summer travel plans. 

Spence mentioned he was finishing up two months of travel throughout Europe and Egypt with a trip to either Iceland or Ireland. He hadn’t decided. Karina mentioned if he ended up choosing Iceland, she’d join him! They indeed met up two months later in Iceland, and had the “absolute best 8 days ever” traveling together.

After the trip, they became good friends and travelled a few more times together before the pandemic hit. As they grew closer, they remained “just friends” for a year or two. It wasn’t until Karina was away for a month (on a rural rotation for med school) that she realized how much she missed having her best friend with her. Karina and Spence started dating the day after she returned!

Karina and Spence love to hang out at Jericho Beach, often riding their bikes alongside the water on a Summer evening or weekend. It was the perfect place for their engagement session. (And I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever tire of shooting at Jericho Beach at sunset. It’s perfect.)

I’m looking forward to Karina and Spence’s September 2022 wedding! 





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