December 23, 2013 In engagements, photography

Ice Skating Engagement Session

UBC Robson Square

I met Allison & Patrick a few weeks after they had booked me via email for their wedding photography. I was on my way home from an engagement session at UBC and I quickly stopped by the Starbucks we had planned to meet at. I noticed a guy sitting at a table near me, but there was no “Allison” with him and he had textbooks all over the table. Didn’t think anything of it, as I sat there and started to cull through the session I had just come from shooting. A half hour later, Allison arrives (on time! I was early…) and after 5 minutes they look over. “Jamie?” HA! HI! (We were literally sitting 4 feet apart.) I slid my chair over and we started chatting about their August 9th wedding day.

We also made plans for a winter engagement session! I’m always so excited when couples are willing to do something different and take photos in December or January or February. There’s nothing wrong with winter engagement photos! (Now that my own engagement photos were taken in December I may have even more of an argument!) Allison and Patrick braved the windy cold and we enjoyed the beauty of Robson Square and the Vancouver Art Gallery surroundings. For the latter half of their session, Allison and Patrick donned ice skates and had some fun on the free outdoor skating rink. Patrick is actually a skating coach and quite the talented skater! Love the images we were able to create.

Merry Christmas everyone! I’ll be back to blogging next week sometime. :)

  • were you on skates too? that would be epic. :)

  • These are so so great!!! Love the first set outdoors! Beautiful!

  • Tres cute!

  • Diane

    Lovely photo’s!
    I enjoyed them very much! I blinked my eyes and you turned into a man, where did all the time go?
    Al the best to both of you!