January 13, 2014 In engagements, photography

Yaletown Engagement Session

Sarah and Abdul are getting married!

Sarah & Abdul met in August of 2010 through mutual friends over dinner at The Factory on Granville Street. Abdul was just stopping by on his way to other plans, but happened to sit down beside Sarah. Their small talk quickly turned into great conversation lasting a few hours. (Abdul blew off his other plans!) Although he might have been tempted to, Sarah and Abdul didn’t exchange numbers that evening. He said he thought about her all week long, until the group of friends met up again the next weekend. He didn’t let his chance go by this time! He got Sarah’s number and asked her out the next day.

After three years of dating, Abdul proposed in Honolulu this past September! Sarah happily said yes and they are planning an August 2014 wedding at Brix Restaurant. I’m delighted to be their photographer! Also – these two get an award for “bravest couple.” This Vancouver winter day was… gross. Poured rain all morning, but yet they were still good to go. We both happened to be at Starbucks early (1:15pm instead of 2pm) and were able to start the session right away! At 2pm it started to pour (note: the umbrella photos) – but we were sooo thankful for that 30 minutes of overcast sky.

  • I like these photos! But the last one? It’s amazing. Love it.

  • these are great J!

  • LOVE the first and last images! always love your work, jamie!