May 16, 2014 In engagements, photography

Steveston Engagement Photos

Nancy and Dave are getting married!

Nancy and Dave are such fun people. We had met oh, probably back in August or so, to book their September 20th, 2014 wedding. Over tea at my studio, I learned a little bit about their story and what they were looking for in a photography. Thankfully, that was me! ;) Nancy and Dave met just over three years ago, through a church group. The only seat available was next to Dave and he caught her eye by flirting and drinking (stealing?) her water that evening at a restaurant with friends. Regardless of his tactics, they worked and their relationship started soon after.

Thankful for clients who prioritize their photography – both Nancy and Dave took a vacation day from work to meet me in Steveston (Richmond) Monday afternoon for their engagement photos. We started with a few balloon photographs (which they are hoping to use for a specific project at their wedding) and then moved on to hanging out around this sweet, sea-side city.

  • Such good, clean color! Lovely shoot.