July 17, 2015 In engagements, photography, portraits

Crescent Beach Anniversary Session

A few weeks ago, Myles and Chantelle volunteered their time by modelling for a posing video, soon to come on my YouTube channel in the next month or so. Myles and Chantelle are new friends of ours and we have loved spending time with them. Myles also works full-time for my brother’s editing company, Post Partner, and along with Chantelle, they are photographers, too! These two will be celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary in September and I was so thrilled to capture these “professional” images of them… for the first time since their wedding day.

We had a warm, hazy summertime evening with beautiful soft light!







I love this location I recently discovered! Such a fun view.

One more shot to finish off the post…! Thanks again, you two!