February 22, 2017 In engagements, photography

Fort Langley Engagement Photos

Lyanne and Kyle are getting married!

Lyanne and Kyle met through work a few years ago when Lyanne was interested in joining the company Kyle works at! She happened to be waiting in the break room one afternoon and Kyle stumbled upon this pretty girl, sitting awkwardly waiting for the last hour. Kyle walked in and asked, “Who the hell are you?”

Lyanne explained what had happened, how she’d just been waiting around and Kyle said, you can come with me. For the rest of Kyle’s shift, the two were together. While they were on the job, Lyanne mentioned she was enrolled in a judo class. Well, during her very next class, Kyle walked in the door. It turns out, her instructor was Kyle’s uncle! Within a few weeks of Kyle hinting at his affection for her, Lyanne said yes to hanging out one afternoon… and the rest is history!

Lyanne and Kyle are a referral from one of my favourite couples from last year, Kourtney + Dexter. I was excited to meet Lyanne at our engagement session together this past week (I had met Kyle quickly over coffee!) and create some beautiful photos for them.

Lyanne and Kyle also brought along their two beautiful dogs, Echo and Cypress. I was in dog heaven. :) They were the cutest. We captured two totally different looks for their session and I love what we created! Enjoy!

P.S. It’s Lyanne’s birthday TODAY! Happy birthday Lyanne!