Jamie and Landen met their freshman year of university in Kansas City, Missouri. Landen was raised in Port Moody, but went to Missouri for college on a lacrosse scholarship where he met Jamie his freshman year at a party. They didn’t talk much at the party, but a few weeks later, Jamie noticed Landen had […]

Emily and Mark met for the first time at school when they were just in Grade 8! Emily and Mark became good friends in high school, but when Emily moved away in Grade 11, they lost touch. A few years later, in 2015, Mark messaged Emily on Facebook (and she was SO excited.) They’ve been […]

Victoria & Raj met at a friend’s birthday party in March 2016. Victoria recalls meeting Raj and thinking, “Oh! This is my friend’s ‘basketball friend.’” (Raj is really into basketball.) Victoria felt like they hit it off right away at the party, and Raj remembers fondly, “She actually made fun of me within a few […]

As a Vancouver family photographer, I capture joyful photos that feel like you—through easy, natural posing. Every year, I make space for about 20 families on my calendar and creating these portraits are always a highlight for me. I understand the work that goes into family photos: planning outfits, coordinating schedules and I’m here to […]

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