Jill and Dana became husband and wife last weekend in front of their family and friends at Redwoods Golf Course in Langley! Redwoods happens to be the closest wedding venue to my home, and I loved getting to shoot around my neighbourhood. Jill got ready for her wedding day at the Sandman Signature with her […]

Carman and Tommy have been waiting to get married for nearly two and a half years… and I was so excited their day finally came. Carman and Tommy have persevered throughout the last couple years, preparing for marriage with intention and growing in their relationship. It was beautiful to see them become husband and wife, after […]

Jacqueline and Keith met five years ago, when they joined the same ultimate frisbee team with mutual friends. Both Jacqueline and Keith remember rarely speaking to one another… they were mainly there to play the game and talk to the friends they knew!  A couple of years later, still playing on the same team, they […]

Vicky and Shawn met online two years ago, and from their chatting back and forth, it was clear there was a connection. Their first date was dinner, followed by coffee, and Vicky remembers how easily the conversation flowed. Shawn was also the first guy Vicky met in person through online dating. (How’s that for success […]

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