Trout Lake Engagement Photos

One year ago, Angela had recently moved back from the Toronto area (where she completed her graduate degree) to Vancouver, where she grew up. Angela started working at a new company and a few weeks into her new role, she remembers a birthday party for one of her co-workers, Steve. It’s always overwhelming to remember a list of new names when you are first introduced, but the attention being on Steve for his birthday solidified his name in Angela’s memory!

In Angela’s mind she started noticing the ‘cute, tall, Asian guy’ named Steve and the two started chatting a little bit more. After one hangout outside of work with other coworkers, they decided to take a class together. After going, just the two of them, to register for the class, they had their first date, grabbing food together! (I reallyyy hope I’m getting these details right, Angela, hahaha, it’s all from memory from our first meeting.)

That first date was on September 8th and earlier in August, only 11 months later, Steve and Angela got engaged! They are planning a beautiful wedding at Brock House Restaurant on September 9th, 2018 and I’m so thrilled to be their wedding photographer!

Angela & Steve wanted to do their engagement photos as soon as possible, as Angela’s grandma in Taiwan is having some health problems. Angela & Steve fly to Taiwan in a few days and it was important to Angela to be able to share these images with her. I’m so thankful we could squeeze in this session on such a gorgeously perfect night. (I mean, really, look at this golden light!)

All the best to you both in this next year of wedding planning… so glad I’ll be the one capturing your wedding in 1 year and 8 days! :)





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