Steveston Engagement Photos

Vicky and Shawn met online two years ago, and from their chatting back and forth, it was clear there was a connection. Their first date was dinner, followed by coffee, and Vicky remembers how easily the conversation flowed. Shawn was also the first guy Vicky met in person through online dating. (How’s that for success rate?)

Throughout their dating relationship, Vicky told Shawn that if he ever proposed, she wanted the question to be asked with a strawberry ring pop. And of course, Shawn took note, and that’s exactly what he handed Vicky when he proposed in Las Vegas after 7 months of dating. (Yes, he also had a diamond ring, too!)

Vicky found out about my work through my past client, Veronica, and as ever, I’m so grateful for Veronica’s referral. (She’s my super-client, always sending me new clients.) Vicky went to high school with Veronica, and was at her wedding in 2011.

P.S. Thank you to Abby Lim from At First Blush for Vicky’s gorgeous makeup!




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