Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos

Jacqueline and Keith met five years ago, when they joined the same ultimate frisbee team with mutual friends. Both Jacqueline and Keith remember rarely speaking to one another… they were mainly there to play the game and talk to the friends they knew! 

A couple of years later, still playing on the same team, they happened to both be guests at a friend’s wedding. In fact, Keith was the best man! During the reception, Jacqueline + Keith had their first real conversation (of any depth) and discovered how well they got along.

Fairly soon after, the pair started dating! This past November, Jacqueline had a work trip to Florida and Keith came along for a week of vacation afterwards. They visited alllll the Orlando theme parks, and drove to Tampa for an NFL game. (Jacqueline is a big football fan!) After the game, Keith took Jacqueline down to the pier and asked her to be his wife.

I love this awesome couple—they are SO easy to talk to and I can’t wait for their October wedding of this year! (Huge thank you to their wedding planner, Alexa of Dreamgroup, for the referral to this “perfect fit” couple for me!)




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