Lonsdale Quay Engagement Photos

Alfred & Sarah are both nurses and met for the first time at work. Alfred remembers liking Sarah’s personality right away and feeling at ease immediately! Sarah remembers being super shy and thinking what a nice smile Alfred has. :)

A few months into working together, Alfred asked Sarah to go on a hike with a group of friends. She turned him down, thinking the hike may be too intense–although she wanted to spend time with him! Regretting it perhaps a bit, Sarah reached out to Alfred to ask him on a hike this time–just the two of them.

Alfred took his opportunity and planned out everything for the hike. Sarah writes, “From sandwiches that we would eat at the top of the Chief, to a swim afterwards at a lake nearby, and dinner at the Lonsdale Food truck, he had it all covered.”

I’m so glad to be Alfred & Sarah’s wedding photographer! We had a great time taking photos around Lonsdale Quay, the location of their first date together :)




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