Granville Island Engagement Photos

Victoria & Raj met at a friend’s birthday party in March 2016. Victoria recalls meeting Raj and thinking, “Oh! This is my friend’s ‘basketball friend.’” (Raj is really into basketball.)

Victoria felt like they hit it off right away at the party, and Raj remembers fondly, “She actually made fun of me within a few minutes of meeting.”

A few months later, the same friend had another get together (bless that friend!) where Victoria and Raj saw each other again. After that party, Victoria decided to add Raj on Facebook—where their conversation continued. Shortly after, Victoria and Raj met up for a first date and very quickly, they knew they wanted to be together forever. Three and a half years later, they are getting married!

PS. I have my high school existence to thank for this referral! Victoria and I graduated together 12 years ago. She’s also good friends with Ellie, who graduated one year after us. So, thank you to my high school and Ellie for this referral, hehe!




i can't wait to hear all about your wedding day!

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