Port Moody Engagement Photos

Jamie and Landen met their freshman year of university in Kansas City, Missouri. Landen was raised in Port Moody, but went to Missouri for college on a lacrosse scholarship where he met Jamie his freshman year at a party. They didn’t talk much at the party, but a few weeks later, Jamie noticed Landen had a class right after hers. Jamie started packing up her books slowly after each class, hoping to catch Landen as he arrived so they had a chance to talk!

It worked. At the next party, Landen and Jamie were inseparable! By the end of the night, Landen asked Jamie for her number but the two remained friends throughout the rest of the semester. After returning back to school post-Christmas break, they had their first date! By end of February 2014, they were official. :)

Since graduation, Landen’s returned to Port Moody and Jamie’s stayed in Kansas City where she worked as a teacher. They are getting married in Vancouver this summer and then Landen will be joining her in Kansas City again! It was so great to meet these two, and I’m really looking forward to their celebration!



  1. Beautiful photos! Delightful couple! And I have the privilege of creating and conducting their unique and hopefully memorable wedding ceremony this June. I look forward to meeting you Jamie Delaine!

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