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Preparing For a Family Photo Session

Are you looking for family photos in beautiful Vancouver? You’ve made a great choice! With its incredible scenery and variety of picturesque photo locations, Vancouver is a perfect choice for your family photos.

My name is Jamie Delaine and I’ve been a Vancouver family photographer since 2008—15 years and counting. I believe you deserve a photographer who not only delivers amazing images, but one who cares deeply about the experience you will have.

If you’re considering booking a family photo session, you may be wondering, “What’s all involved?” From planning your family’s outfits to preparing your children—all of these decisions can feel overwhelming at first, but I’m here to help! Below, I’ll share practical advice on everything from selecting a photographer who fits your vision and budget, to addressing any nerves that come up for both adults and children. Let’s get started!

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What are standard family photo session prices in Vancouver?

When starting your search process, almost every client’s first thought is: “What do family photos cost in Vancouver?” In my business, I’ve always favoured a transparent pricing approach. You can visit my portraits page anytime to see my current pricing for family photos in Vancouver.

However, the cost of a family photo session typically depends on the photographer and their level of experience—and the experience they offer you! Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$800 for a photo session in Vancouver. Just like any other item or industry, prices can vary greatly from photographer to photographer (just like they can from handbag to handbag!)—and ultimately you get what you pay for.

Whenever you are tempted to price-shop (or simply comparing prices!) consider reading detailed reviews about the photographer from past clients. Did they simply deliver “good” photos? Or did they deliver great images, and make the process as easy, fun and stress-free as possible?

family photo prices in vancouver

How should we prepare for a family photo session?

After booking your family photo session, it’s important to prepare ahead of time to ensure a smooth and successful session! If you book your portrait session with me, you receive a copy of my Client Guide that outlines everything you need to know—from preparing your kids for the session, what to bring, how to dress, etc. Ultimately, this question reflects back to the pricing question in a way—have you hired a photographer you trust to guide you through this process? And is there value reflected in the price you paid?

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What should we wear to a family photo session?

When choosing outfits for a family photo session, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that everyone looks great together. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose a colour scheme: Start by selecting a colour scheme that complements each other, like shades of blue, green, or earth tones. Consider the setting of the photoshoot and choose colours that will stand out against the background.

  • Avoid overly matching: While coordinating outfits is important, avoid matching each other too much. Instead, mix and match patterns and textures to add depth and interest to the photos.

  • Dress for the season: Make sure to dress for the season and weather. If it’s chilly outside, layer up with jackets, scarves, and hats that match the colour scheme.

  • Consider the location: Think about the location of the photoshoot and choose outfits that fit the vibe. For example, if we’re taking photos on the beach, opt for light, breezy fabrics and bare feet. If we’re taking photos in historic Gastown, consider dressing up!

Remember, the goal is to create a cohesive look that showcases your family’s unique style and personality while still looking great together in the photos.

family photo prices in vancouver

Ready to book your family session?

Hi! I’m Jamie Delaine and since 2008, I’ve helped over 300 families capture seasons of their lives through beautiful, timeless photography. As your photographer, I make it easy to plan your family photos through reliable communication, a positive attitude and natural posing. You can inquire about your family photos using the form below, if you wish. (And as a reminder, you can find my family photo session prices on my website.)


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