toronto backyard wedding: heidi&bryce II

after heidi & bryce’s beautiful ceremony, the three hundred guests were invited over to a friend’s home for a backyard reception. from the moment we entered, details galore. it was really important to heidi and bryce to make their wedding day all about them–so that meant a ton of do-it-yourself details and personalization. heidi’s dress was mentioned in the comments of part one–and yes, heidi and her aunt made her wedding dress, all the bridesmaids dresses, and the groomsmen + ushers ties. these are serious DIY people. ;)

one of my favourite details. guests participated in building the table centrepieces in honour of heidi’s mom, who passed away four years ago to cancer. heidi didn’t need perfect flowers–she was more interested in her guests being involved. every table looked different and that’s just the way her mom would have wanted it. before the brunch reception, guests enjoyed pink lemonade, ice tea, cold water with fruit kebobs, cheese sconesand berry scones as refreshments. the full buffet included waffles [with strawberry and bananas and whipped cream and maple syrup and other sweet toppings,] scrambled eggs, canadian bacon. for dessert, a yogurt, fresh fruit and granola parfait station. if that wasn’t enough, fresh croissants with four different kinds of jam. all the food was made [and served!] by friends and family. heidi and bryce’s most-loved recipes were printed and placed at the corresponding food table.

the “people” part of my job never gets stale to me. that’s why i always love hearing the stories. the long, extended version of the stories. tell me who you are, i want to know. bryce + heidi are rad people who love the Lord and want to serve Him for the rest of their lives as they learn to serve one another in marriage. they also love people. they had three hundred guests at their reception, as mentioned, [and twice as many at the ceremony] and greeted every, single, one by name and with a hug in a receiving line. it took over an hour. afterwards, i walked up to see how they were doing and although heidi looked tired [rightfully so] bryce was pumped. he smiled, that was my favourite part of the day right there. i’m such a people person. being able to look everyone in the eye on our wedding day was really important to me.

that amazing quality this couple has together was echoed in their speech at the conclusion of the reception. bryce held the mic with his left hand, his right hand around his wife’s shoulders. that moment a few hours ago, when heidi and i walked into the tent for the first time as mr. and mrs… i thought it would be this cheesy moment, like, sure, everyone is clapping and cheering for you, but i was overwhelmed. holding heidi’s hand, looking around at three hundred faces, all supporting us as husband and wife. each and every one of you here mean so much to us. it was pretty awesome. and emotional.

instead of a wedding cake, heidi and bryce had a cinnamon bun tower. hello! what a great idea. in the hour between speeches + heidi and bryce’s grand exit, they invited guests to play games and mingle. of course, there was more specialty food, including a smoothie the bridal party got together to create. it includes every one of their favourite ingredients + although that could be sketchy, it was amazing. heidi and bryce had drawn a map of the reception property and made custom signs to point the way to badminton, ladder golf, washers, bocce ball and croquet.

heidi and bryce. you two are amazingly special people. you are part of an awesome church, that i was so so blessed by sunday morning. you have an awesome friend group and two awesome families. i left ontario sunday night thinking, if i needed to move across the country, this would be the kind of community i’d want to settle in. thank you for everything. i hope as you read these words, you are having an amazing time in greece. i would like to go there soon. so enjoy it for me. God has such beautiful things in store for your ministry as a couple. i’m excited to keep in touch. love, jamie delaine.

[if you missed it, check out part one]

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  1. kristin says:

    What an amazing wedding! So many delicious details that truly reflect who they are! Love it!
    Love this collection of photos!
    ~kristin (the gal that said hi at the airport on thursday!)

  2. Hi Jamie! I’ve been following your blog for almost six months now and I never really commented before because I didn’t think I had anything worth say but because this wedding was shot in my out backyard (I recognized the laurier university soccer field literally I lived on campus for two years) I figured I had to say hi! great great shoot I love the backyard, and the brunch such a good idea! Also where in Waterloo is that wood building and the colourful glass I have an engagement session this summer and I would love to take them there!! I wish I was in Waterloo this summer I would have loved to meet you!

  3. Ann says:

    Oh Jamie, this left me speechless! Luckily I am still able to type so I can tell you all about how I feel. :)
    Your images manage to convey a sense of familiarity, heartfelt friendship and so much love between family and friends. The amount of details is amazing, yet it completely lacks that “I could never do this myself!” feeling. It’s what a wedding day should be all about. Nothing less.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to say thank you. It’s a wonderful place to come to for motivation and remembering. The first because you are very inspiring to me as a fellow photographer (I am based in Germany and the UK) and the latter because I lived in Abbotsford for a year in 1996/97 as an exchange student! Seeing parts of this old neighbourhood of mine makes me ache a little inside with a longing to come back, it was a very happy and special time there for me. Keep up the good work,

  4. Jason Brown says:

    Hey Taylor, I was one of the groomsmen. That wood and glass building is the Waterloo Region Museum out off Homer Watson. Beautiful spot, eh? I’d never seen it before either. Check this site out for details:

    Jamie, fantastic shoot – loved working with you and I hope you get to do lots more jobs like that with awesome people like us :)

  5. Love this wedding and all of the personal details!

  6. I absolutely love the build your own centerpieces!! Too cute.
    The food looked incredible and I adore brunch weddings. Too major thumbs up!

  7. Maclean says:

    So good Jamie… so good. Tire swing = gold.

  8. Veronica says:

    OMG how gorgeous. i love all the details, and they totally proved that it can be just as thoughtful and homemade with a large guest list. swoon!

  9. Cassandra says:

    Madly in love with this couple and how everything was done, (and your photos of course!)

  10. Amanda says:

    So wonderfully creative!!!

  11. so so sososososoosos good. wow.

  12. KB says:

    The lean is just too much. Fantastic wedding.

  13. Jaimee Morse says:

    They had to have been planning this wedding for 25 years! Everything is just so perfect! I love it! The leaning shot is brilliant…never seen something like that before.

  14. Oh I love the ones of the bride and groom near that building with all the glass! Those are outstanding!!!

  15. Brent Kuepfer says:

    Hey Jamie i agree with Jason that was an awesome shoot…you were so fun to work with, still can’t believe you remembered all our names. thanks for posting these pictures.

  16. joey says:

    cutest wedding ever!! they really are serious diy people! and fantastic at it. lovely photos jamie. i really love the wide group shot with the tree (#78)

  17. Naomi says:

    just.amazing.!! Totally a dream wedding :) and my favourite Jamie Delaine wedding EVER!

  18. This looks like the most amazing wedding ever! Definitely my ideal wedding, low key in the backyard with lots of thoughtful touches. They seem like a really cute couple, and great photos as always :)

  19. Stephanie K says:

    one of the most unique and AWESOME weddings ever. you did SUCH an amazing job of capturing all the details as well as all the big stuff….beautiful blog as always, jamie! :)

  20. Kaitlin says:

    let’s be real…Jode and I are awesome leaners.

  21. Dannii says:

    Wow. Ridiculously amazing! Seriously, can I get one like this? The food looked fantastic, as did the rest… but that caught my eye most. Pictures are beautiful. You’re so good!

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