Devon & Armin attended the same high school together in North Vancouver. They had a similar group of friends, but didn’t start dating until a year and a half after graduation. :) They’ve been together nearly ten years now and got engaged a couple months ago.  This was a unique engagement session for me, because it […]

Kenzie and Nate first met quickly on a Sunday morning, in between church services after being introduced by a mutual friend. Kenzie is the vocal director at our church and responsible for auditioning musicians who want to get involved in music, so Nate was introduced as a potential drummer. It wasn’t an instant connection–Kenzie was […]

Edward and Polly met through a mutual friend a few years ago at their bible study group. Near the beginning of their relationship, Edward traveled to a remote village in Mexico for two weeks. It was during those weeks apart, that both realized what they had together was love. Unbeknownst to one another, both wrote […]

Three and a half years ago, Jill was in Whistler for a weekend away with friends when her group of friends ran into Dana, out with his brother for his stag weekend. Jill said she was being “sassy” (haha!) to the guys and an argument started. Dana felt bad; so he hoped to find Jill […]

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