Two years ago, Ayesha was in Cancun, Mexico for the week to attend a friend’s destination wedding. Although Ayesha had known this friend for 12 years, she had never met his brother, Irlec! Leading up to the wedding as all the guests got to know one another in Mexico, Ayesha caught Irlec’s attention. She was […]

Selina & Connor met in their first year at the University of British Columbia when they were studying music. Selina remembers often being at the front of the class, writing notes while Connor was in the back being silly with his friends– so it took them a while to get to know each other. ;) […]

Rawmina and Arash met a couple of years ago online! For their first date, they met for drinks–which went so well, they decided to continue onto dinner. :) Their connection was instant, laughing a lot together during their first date and naturally, their relationship progressed! Rawmina and Arash live in the San Fransisco Bay area, […]

Lucia and Nick met while they were still in high school through a mutual friend but it wasn’t until Lucia’s first year of University that they saw each other again. Lucia came home from school for a weekend, and went with her best friend to a party, where she saw Nick again! Nick was browsing […]

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