Kaitlyn is one of my best friends, and I was so happy when we met for coffee last Summer and she told me about “this guy” she’d started seeing. That guy’s name turned out to be Taylor and they started dating thanks to a mutual friend who did a little matchmaking. Although Taylor and Kaitlyn […]

Years ago, Suzie and Geoff were set up on a blind date! One of Suzie’s family friends happened to be Geoff’s hairdresser–and she had an inkling the two would hit it off. Sure enough, they did! After an initial coffee date, Geoff asked Suzie out again and they pair have been together ever since. A […]

Nearly ten years ago, Wesley was hanging out with a group of his coworkers when he asked his friend Tina if she had any single friends. She thought for a second and said, “I know someone that could work perfectly–unless you screw it up.”  Wes persistently followed up after the hangout to find out who […]

Marie-Eve and Mike met during their first year of university at UBC! Since graduating six years ago, the pair has been dating long-distance between West Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Mike proposed to Marie-Eve in the Rose Garden on the UBC campus–and they are excited to tie the knot in Spring 2021! As Marie-Eve lives in […]

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