May 22, 2012 In photography, portraits

brianna & josh: portraits

i’ve known my friend josh for ten years now. we went to high school together & became closer friends after graduation when i moved churches. i adore his whole family: four wonderful kids, the sweetest parents. a few years ago, i went camping with their whole family and some other friends. his family’s home is always open, they have huge hearts of generosity. can’t say enough about how much i love them! a year and a half ago, through our church, josh started to notice brianna. when they eventually started dating, it was one of those “you mean they weren’t dating already?” kinda situations. brianna is truly a wonderful match for josh — i have loved getting to know her through him! she’s beautiful, incredibly talented, servant-hearted. i am excited about having these two in my life for years to come.

friday night, i took a few photos to celebrate their one-year-of-dating mark a few months ago. then josh barbecued us dinner. it was a pretty good deal. i’ll work for food. thanks for posing, guys. it was fun!

  • These are so sweet. :)

  • I lovelovelove these so much. :)

  • these are just precious :)

  • Gorgeous!! I know the lot you were in :)

  • Aw, they’re so adorable! Beautiful photos, as always. :)

  • gen

    Hahahaha…”I’ll work for food”! You’re the cutest, Jamie! Beautiful photos {as always!}!

  • TJ

    you are so very talented! these pictures are gorgeous, and the location is just perfect!!!
    xo TJ