March 31, 2015 In engagements, photography

Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

Tracy and Ryan are getting married!

Tracy heard about the dating site called OKCupid from a friend. She thought, “Let’s give it a try!” and created a profile. After only a week later, she received a long message from a guy named Ryan. A few messages back and forth and Ryan asked Tracy out on a date. She remembers reading that he was 6″6 and Tracy, being only 5″2, decided to put on her tallest pair wedges to test out their height difference.

The date went well and on the drive back, they got a little lost ending up on a road lined with cherry blossoms after cherry blossoms! Tracy marvelled, saying to Ryan “It’s like a Japanese movie!” It was only fitting that we’d photograph Tracy & Ryan’s engagement session this past week in Stanley Park featuring the cherry blossoms they saw on their first date.

Thanks Ryan, for shaking the tree and doing your best to make it look like you didn’t just shake the tree, hahah!

Love this little section of Stanley Park we found! Such pretty blossoms!

Ryan kept us laughing throughout the session with his own pose ideas. ;)

Tracy wrote in their questionnaires, “Something unique about Ryan and I is the height difference. We’re 16 inches apart and I’m literally half of his size (weight).” I loved playing with their height difference in the photos – it’s what makes them them!

I think this is one of my favourites:

Another favourite to finish the post! Really looking forward to capturing your wedding day this summer, Tracy and Ryan!

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