April 24, 2015 In engagements, portraits

Port Moody Anniversary Session

Tin & Bobo: The School Sessions

On Sunday, April 12th, The School Sessions initiative started by Randy and I happened! We learned a lot from our efforts this year and we’re excited to share with all of you the progress and our plan from here on out. I photographed three portrait sessions on Sunday, April 12th in support of this project. Tin and Bobo were my first session of the day!

I met Tin when he was the best man in Rebecca & Kenneth’s wedding a few years ago! I loved this wedding day and I remember Tin being so helpful as the best man. His wife, Bobo, was equally as helpful – doing all she could to make Rebecca & Kenneth’s day perfect for them. Tin and Bobo live in Coquitlam, not too far from Port Moody – an area they love. This couple loves the outdoors so the location was a perfect fit!

The cute pomeranian you’ll see in these images is one of their five dogs at home! This guy’s name is Totem. He’s their first dog and after buying a second… Bobo laughed “something happened” and they had three babies. Neither of them could bare to get rid of them. So, hence, five dogs. ;) Totem was allowed to come to the shoot, Bobo said, as he’s the quietest and best behaved. Hah! Tin and Bobo – I hope you love these images as much as I loved creating them!