May 5, 2015 In photography, portraits

Crescent Beach Maternity Photos

Krista and David are expecting!

I was so excited when Krista and David sent me a message about photographing their maternity photos in support of The School Sessions! Krista mentioned both her and David knew my husband Randy from way back, when he was a teenager and their two church youth groups used to do things together every so often. I loved the opportunity to meet up with them in Crescent Beach to capture this amazing time in their lives. Krista and David have been married for almost five years and are due with a little baby in less than three month’s time!

Walking and looking at each other, then kissing while downhill wearing heels and pregnant… not easy. Love this photo.

Loved the coordination of both of their outfits! So great. Krista laughed, “We have a blue outfit and a pink outfit.” They aren’t finding out the gender until birth! ;)

Thank you so much, you two! Enjoy!