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Gastown Engagement Photos

Binh and Herbert are getting married!

Two and a half years ago, Binh and Herbert met at a mutual friend’s Christmas party. Herbert knew his friend was looking to set him up with Binh, but the meeting was nothing more than a handshake – she seemed totally uninterested. (When Binh typed out their love story for me she prefaced the story with the following at the top of her document: “Warning: not a good start but ends well!!”)

Herbert shook it off thinking, “There’s plenty of other people here to talk to!” This mutual friend however was persistent upon Binh and Herbert spending time together and organized another group event: snowshoeing. It was a large group and Binh and Herbert didn’t seem to have any time together the whole night. A few months later, another group event. This time? Bowling. And a chance, finally, for Binh and Herbert to connect. Herbert asked Binh out for coffee the next day and she said yes. ;)

Binh recalls, “One date became two, then three and we have been pretty much inseparable since. When a relationship is meant to be, it’s just simply beautifully easy. No hassle, no drama.”

I loved spending time with Binh and Herbert. They are friends of one of my other couples Veronica and Henry, and fun people usually have fun friends! :) They are such an easy-going couple, so beautiful together, stylish and we had great weather. What more could we want? I have to share this little fact from their bride and groom questionnaires because it’s too funny not to. I ask my couples their 3 favourite things to do together and provide some examples. Herbert replied, “Our top 10 could actually be all about eating.” Haha! 

Loved shooting these photos, you two! Can’t wait for your wedding next month! 

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