August 1, 2017 In engagements, photography

Cultus Lake Engagement Photos

Steph and Jacob are getting married!

Steph and Jacob met six years ago, in Vancouver, and went snow snowing on their first date. They shared a great connection but there was one little problem… Stephanie was only going to be in Vancouver for the next four months. The vast majority of the last six years has held long distance for Steph and Jacob, including one stint where Steph lived in Africa! 

After years of ‘chasing each other around the world,’ they’ve settled in Oliver, BC. Given that most of their family lives in the Great Vancouver-Chilliwack area, they are having a wedding on Granville Island end of August. (Yes, in a few weeks!)

It was wonderful to meet these two in Cultus Lake for their engagement session on a bright, sunny and warm Friday morning! We had the place to ourselves and I love what we captured. I also liked getting to know Steph + Jacob more and look forward to learning more about them and meeting their sweet families this month! Enjoy the photos!

When Steph and Jacob got engaged, they opted against a traditional engagement ring, instead Jacob gave Steph an engagement ‘necklace’ and they took a trip to Vietnam to celebrate!

I like this one. The forest is awesome.

See you two, so soon!