October 17, 2010 In engagements, photography

langley engagement session: kelly+zac

kelly and zac came across my work through a recommendation from their wedding venue, the vancouver club. i love receiving referrals! two things. one, a referral from a person or a venue i love usually means i’m going to love the client and we’ll get along great. two, i always feel good inside when somebody likes and trusts my work enough to refer me to somebody they know. i was emailing back and forth with these two for a few weeks; we searched to find a date that we could meet up for a meeting–crazy schedules sometimes! we finally picked a day for them to come out to my fort langley studio and kelly emailed: zac & i were thinking, we want you to be our photographer. so can we have a quick meeting and then just do our engagement photos right away?

efficiency. i like that. of course i said yes! this past friday, kelly & zac sat in my client meeting area across from myself as we discussed their april wedding. from the minute we shook hands, they were making me laugh. they have such a great story. a decisive couple. i enjoy decisiveness. i think that when you found that person, you should know. they met through eHarmony in february; their first date was at a starbucks. they have been crazy about each other since day one. zac proposed in september and kelly gleefully accepted. i love the energy and youth this couple has: seriously making me laugh through the whole session. i know their wedding is going to be a good time. ;) enjoy!

to see more of kelly + zac’s langley engagement session CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  • Rachel Clarke

    Aww! So beautiful!

  • they are uber cute. I love how they met on Eharmony and are not afraid to admit it! Beautiful photos Jamie!!

  • Jenny De Jong

    Awww I love this. Beautiful photos :)

  • best I have seen yet!! btw love the processing!

  • Ooooo oooo ooooo love this lighting!

  • Beautiful :)

  • oh, CUUUUTE jacket!

  • Mei Tan

    Congratulations Zac

  • Hayley MacPhail

    Best wishes Kelly, lots of love! Great natural photos, lots of joy in them!