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my friend: cagney.

i find typicalness boring. i want you to tell me what you’re thinking. have opinions. cagney is a tiny, fiery thing. i like that about her. nothing about her is typical & i find her refreshing. i met cagney at a random group hang-out one summer evening. she was strapping on her rollerblades when i walked up to the group. you guys, i have NO idea how to rollerblade. i haven’t done this in years. what the heck is going on! hahah. cagney originally hails from fort nelson, british columbia (way up north!) but moved to abbotsford this summer to live with her cousin [and my friend] shinae. since movin’ in, cagney has been attending my church and my youth group. wednesday, i photographed her.

it was a cold morning and the dew covered every part of the ground. flats and tights probably weren’t the best idea; cagney’s feet were soaking. so were mine, through my boots, i’m not sure how. they stayed freezing cold for the next three hours. [boy, do i have bad circulation or what!] cagney picked some rad outfits. after we photographed, i showed her a cute little area of her town where we had scones & coffee. should have had tea, that would have made it more legit but i felt like coffee. it was awesome to photograph cagney’s beautiful face and over currant scones & jam, to get to know her beautiful heart. another cool thing, cagney’s also on the same missions team as me for our upcoming trip to guatemala in november! stoked. we are ready to see God move in a big way; in our hearts and in the hearts of the children and people we serve during our time there.

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  1. Rachel Clarke says:

    Wow these are awesome! I have trouble {sometimes} photographing just ONE person. They feel more self conscious, but Cagney has amazing expressions and a beautiful, natural smile. :) Love the poses and outfits too!

  2. gen says:

    Wow…is she ever gorgeous! Great job capturing her beauty Jamie!

  3. jackie says:

    Gorgeous! Love the lighting. Oh and I’m available for hand me downs from Cagney ;) I like her style!

  4. Rebecca Sehn says:

    Gorgeousness. And SO exciting that you’re going to Guatemala!!!

  5. Cara says:

    Gorgeous young lady (wow, I feel like 100 years old saying that)! Gorgeous photos! Great job as always Jamie! ;)

  6. Holly says:

    beautiful, jamie! would love to know more about your MT to guatemala! :)

  7. Mikaela says:

    Jamie! These are stunning, love the location choices and poses and such. Cagney is a gorgeous girl! and hey, I live in Abbotsford too! Would love to know which coffee shop has caught your fancy :)

  8. Faith says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! :) And that is so exciting you both are going to Guatemala! I went on a missions trip to Ecuador last year and it was an absolutely amazing experience.

  9. kelseyYYY says:

    boom boom boom! JDP strikes agaaaaaiin! i want to know more about that tattoo!!! good job on photos JDP. good job on looking nice CF.

  10. CANDANCE says:

    ooo! did you guys go to old clayburn village? mmmm. can’t wait to meet her when i get home. i think it’s nice that you take pictures of us, your friends. that’s nice. thanks for being nice.

  11. Tina says:

    What a freaking doll! Totally see what you find authentic about her.

  12. Melissa says:

    She’s gorgeous! And such a great model

  13. Brock is looking over my shoulder at the computer every now and then (while watching football hightlights on tv) and just made a comment on this blog post: "Those are pretty."So, that’s his comment for you.And here’s mine:SO perfect and lovely.There you go :)

  14. so so so beautiful! i looooove the colors!!!

  15. Chanique says:

    Your friend – as well as your photos of her – is GORGEOUS!

  16. I went on a mission trip to Guatemala in July, it was amazing! We stayed with Clubhouse Guatemala and helped out a little town called San Miguel, just outside of Antigua. The most amazing thing about Guatemala is the people are so welcoming. They have very little, but are willing to offer you anything they have. You can really see God’s work in the hearts of the Guatemalan people.

  17. Johanna says:

    wow she is very pretty. I love the sunshine in the bankground and the colors. very lovely.

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