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Middle Beach Lodge Wedding Tofino

September 26, 2011


the spark between alex & joanna started in tofino on a camping trip with friends. they were greeted with crazy rains and winds and it continued through their entire kayaking trip. alex is an absolute lover of the great outdoors: especially the incredible terrain in british columbia. a trip with extreme weather was nothing but exciting for him. joanna, although not quite as adventurous as alex [at the time] held her own: through the rain, through the wind, amidst the holy cow this weather is actually frightening thoughts. joanna was steadfast, alex was impressed & decided to make a move. he knew a good woman when he saw one. joanna had style, class, brains, beauty and… perseverance in the midst of a storm.

it’s only fitting that alex & joanna chose middle beach lodge in tofino to celebrate their marriage on september 24, 2011. it was my very first time experiencing tofino and i fell in love with it. yes, it rains a lot & yes, the wind can get crazy. you have to be a true lover of british columbia weather to plan a tofino wedding: alex & joanna certainly are. although they planned for an outdoor ceremony on the beach and the rain stopped just in time, the winds were too strong to set up the tent. disappointing, but what i love about these two is their easy-going personalities. plans were switched the day-of and the ceremony took place inside the beautiful lodge against the cozy fireplace. fifty guests made the long ferry & drive to tofino to celebrate “jalex’s” [joanna & alex’s] wedding and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this day. [i’ll come to tofino again anyyyyytime for a wedding.]

special thank you to the phenomenal staff at middle beach lodge [ridiculously amazing, organic food] and joanna’s wedding planner britt. joanna & her worked together on the florals, the graphic design elements, the guest-book table, the donut tower [instead of a cake!] — so many unique ideas. enjoy!

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P.S. If you found this post and you’re getting married in Tofino and looking for a Tofino wedding photographer, I’d love to be yours! Contact me today for information on rates & availability.

  • I’d been reading your tweets and couldn’t wait to see a blog psot Jamie! Beautiful wedding. I LOVE their flowers! Lovely lovely job. :)

  • gorgeous colors! Beautiful, Jamie.

  • LOVE the colours and the location! Tofino is my most favourite place ever! :) Gorgeous photos Jamie! :)

  • OMG!!!!! I love love love this wedding!! Now I’m having serious BC withdrawals. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  • I love the one with them walking along the beach smiling together. Super cute. Also, what a killer location. Beautiful work Jamie.

  • joey

    awesome pictures. i love tofino. <3

  • Gorgeous photos, and lovely details! :) I’ve never been to Tofino before, but it seems really cool.

  • So sweet! Good job Jamie!

  • laragilmore

    Love these shots, such a great location!
    Definite fan of the blue and orange for the bridesmaids! :)

  • they seem like such a warm, down-to-earth couple. stunning imagery, jamie! they must LOVE them!! :D

  • Really beautiful & somehow different. I think it felt pretty intimate at the reception. These frames look so unique! :)

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A flip-flop wedding! So sweet and raw. Love this! :-)

  • WOW! These photos are SO beautiful, and the intimacy that you capture is really amazing and inspiring.

  • I don’t know if you tried the cookies that they provide in the evening there, but they are awesome!! So, did Tofino capture your heart like a few other cities have? It totally has mine!

  • Your photographs of Alex and Joanna’s wedding were absolutely wonderful. The spontaneous reactions you captured of the guests and the wedding party, of Alex and Joanna, and of the beautiful environment that they feel so at ease in, is breathtaking to see. Accolades to you for such a marvellous way to hang onto the memories of such a happy occasion. Cheers to you…and thank you for your creative gift.

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