November 17, 2011 In photography, portraits

montreal portraits: kandise & andre

kandise & andre should win some kind of award. when they heard i was going to be in montreal over remembrance day weekend, they planned a road-trip from new brunswick to have me take their picture! a nine hour drive? that’s dedication. ahhh, yes, i guess the actual city of montreal was a pretty big draw too [it’s kinda great] and they made a fantastic weekend out of the trip. these two were a blast to photograph: so comfortable in front of my camera. perhaps that’s because kandise is a wedding photographer herself. ;)

the session was to celebration a mix of “just because” and “fourth anniversary of coupledom”…as kandise put it. kandise and andre met in nova scotia when they were attending library school at dalhousie university. it didn’t take long after meeting for feelings to start. on a cruise in the halifax harbour with classmates andre blurted out “um, i think you’re gorgeous. just so you know.” kandise laughed but go andre! it all started that night. they dated for a month before telling anyone — friends and classmates were clueless and they loved it that way.


when i asked kandise what she loved about andre she said he “always manages to be exactly what i need… he complements me perfectly. he keeps me laughing, keeps me cozy, keeps me intellectually stimulated. every day is better with him. also, he like makes 95% of our meals.” ;) andre appreciates kandise’s “laugh, zest for life and determination,” her thoughtfulness, her ability to keep him in check when he gets a little too serious. simply put: “she makes a lot of sense.”

thanks for making the drive, you two! glad you loved montreal as much i as do.


  • What a sweet complement! Beautiful shoot – I’m loving te colors!

  • Yay!! Thank you Jamie! It was great to finally meet you, and I love the photos! Can`t wait to show Andr√© when he gets home! :)

  • I love the ones on the bridge! So gorgeous.

  • what a beautiful city to be documenting such beautiful love – this one and the last! awesome images :)

  • These were beautiful! Such a cute couple. :)

  • fabulous. <3