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Buntzen Lake Engagement Session

Lauren and Leon met on the first day of high school in Grade 8. The two of them were waiting outside their English class, when a mutual friend formally introduced Leon to Lauren. Her first impression of Leon was nerdy; she heard he was incredibly smart and in every challenge program available. She remembers the royal blue nike jacket he used to wear almost every day and his bright lime green binder. Leon remembers crushing on Lauren throughout Grade 9; although they did remain close friends throughout most of their school years. After high school, they kept in touch occasionally, playing volleyball together or ending up in the same group. Throughout their individual romantic lives, they’d give each other advice and consolation after break-ups.

However, two years after graduation, the moment came where they were both single. Two long-standing friends, who connected in oh-so-many-ways, now both single. They started hanging out even more. And feelings developed naturally. When Leon realized he was starting to see Lauren in a new way, he texted, “I don’t think we can hang out any more, I’m starting to have feelings for you and I’m worried that it could damage our friendship.” Lauren received his text and told Leon that was a dumb conclusion. A couple weeks later, they were a couple. (That’s just the best. Smiled so big. Haha!)

Leon loves that Lauren is not afraid to claim her strengths and be real about her weaknesses. He loves that she is people-focused and reminds him that their lives need to be about spending time with loved ones. He also loves her genuine spirit. Lauren loves Leon’s chivalry: he’s a gentlemen through and through. He always open her car door, is ready with an umbrella when it rains, is proud to introduce her as his fiancé. Lauren loves his patience, his encouragement, his care and his willingness to serve. (She adds, “He is even patient enough to take me shopping to the States for full days and will not complain!”) He’s ambitious, smart, driven, balanced with the top priority being family.

I want to add in this last little bit of information from Leon’s questionnaire, because I loved the wisdom here: “We really like going on double dates because we always feel like there’s something to learn from other couples, and we understand the importance of discussing (arguing) issues so that we are always on the same page about things. It also prevents problems from marinating in our relationship into something horrible!”

Lauren and Leon – you two are beautiful! So excited for June.

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  1. Meredith says:

    These are SO fab!!! :) Best engagement session yet.

  2. Jamie!
    Wow! I’ve always loved your work but honestly the past year you’ve stepped it up a few notches! It just gets better and better with time! You are amazing and so talented!

  3. Rebecca Sehn says:

    So superly beautiful. Love the light. :)

  4. Dallas says:

    Jamie, this is one of the loveliest engagement sessions you’ve posted! The lighting is gorgeous, I love all the lines and composition in the forest photos, and the whole vibe is so cuddly and love-filled. Lauren and Leon must be so happy. Also, her boots are amazing! I’d love to know where she got them!

  5. You totally killed it, Jamie. Love.

  6. Sara says:

    Beautiful photos, and beautiful write-up! Both make you feel the love of these two!

  7. Kristyn says:

    love their story!!

  8. Susanna says:

    Congratulations Leon! So happy for you :D

  9. Lesley says:

    Adorable couple and story! Gorgeous photos too.

  10. Brielle says:

    Hey Jamie! Love this so much the lighting is beautiful!! Hey my aunt and uncle (yes Britton and Shan) asked me to do some late anniversary photos for them, and I’m wondering if you would suggest a couple good places that you have found in Vancouver? Hope your Easter went well! xo Brielle

  11. Hannah Elise says:

    these are awesome Jamie!

  12. Liz says:

    Jamie, this is by far my fav engagement session by you!! You have a gift! And these two are just lovely :)

  13. Great stuff Jamie! Keep it up!

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