Fraser River Lodge Wedding

I am falling more and more in love with photographing weddings. Having recently been on the other side of things as a bride and switching back into my “behind the scenes” wedding photographer role this year has been an incredible experience… and we are only four weddings into the season! When I arrived at the beautiful, amazing, everybody-should-book-their-wedding-here Fraser River Lodge in Agassiz, I was full of anticipation for the wedding day.

Meagan and her bridesmaids were preparing in the bridal suite. As the final make-up touches took place and the last strand of hair was curled, the girls were all smiling and excited for their sister, their friend, Meagan. Arriving to a wedding is a fun moment for me. Meagan and James didn’t book an engagement session with me so I had only met them six months ago at my studio! But to be warmly greeted by hugs and then see two other familiar faces in the room (connections from years past!) was a treat.

I met James almost ten years ago now through a friend of mine. I spent many, many hours of my middle school and high school years at the Brown household – and James worked with my friend Brittany’s dad on their property. When we met again at the studio, James said, “I think we’ve actually met! Brown’s?” and it all came flooding back! Too, too funny. He remembers when I first started taking photographs. Literally, Brittany was my first “practice subject” (click that link for a 5 year flashback…) and the Brown family probably the first family I photographed. James said, “That sixteen year old girl is pretty good!” And now ten years later, he asked his girlfriend Meagan (of 5 years!) to be his wife – and I was the lucky photographer to capture it.

I love watching people and trying to guess what they are feeling in certain moments of the wedding day. That’s something I never did before I got married… but now I’m thinking about it all the time. Meagan was calm, but you could see tiny moments of anxiousness – she was ready to see her man. After getting into her cream lace dress, complete with beaded sash, lace flats and flowered earring studs. Meagan and James had one special picture request, to hold each other’s hands and talk to their spouse-to-be before the ceremony, without seeing each other. We found a doorway and led James to one side, Meagan to the other.

It was a highlight of the day for me. Meagan held a kleenex in her left hand and James’ hand in her right. James was smiling ear to ear, full of nervous and excited energy. Meagan was trying to hold it together and failing, blotting away her tears with the kleenex. “I feel so much better now,” she said. “I just wanted to talk to you.” I photographed for a few minutes then walked a couple metres away to give Meagan & James some space… some moments are meant to be enjoyed alone.

All day long, the July day threatened rain, the forecast calling for a 30% chance. The 30% chance turned out to mean… 30% of the day there would be rain, but we didn’t mind. Meagan and James had great attitudes about the ever-changing weather, happy to just be together, on their wedding day after five long years. They went ahead with an outdoor ceremony and the majority of it was rain-free. (When it wasn’t, the maid of honour and best man held clear umbrellas high above Meagan & James’ heads! That was cute.)

I love when couples show emotion on a wedding day… and I get to capture it! What an honour. Meagan’s eyes filled with tears throughout most of the ceremony and she looked at James as if he was the only man in the world. James kept his composure, avoided any tears, but his soft, gentle spirit and way he held Meagan’s hand and repeated his vows said it all. These two loooove each other.

The reception was a ton of fun. I couldn’t appreciate Meagan & James’ families more. Both sides are sweet, genuine and caring – evident in the nine speeches throughout the dessert hour. The flow of the evening was full of fun. Good food, an entertaining MC (seriously – I see lots that aren’t, this guy knocked it outta the park), an awesome group of guests, a gorgeous mountain view right outside. We can’t forget the rainbow that appeared after all the rain! How cool.


Meagan and James, your day made me smile. I found myself walking through your reception room with joy, excited to be capturing your love. I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and I wish you two all the best! Praying that God would bless your marriage and your commitment to one another abundantly.

Venue: Fraser River Lodge
Bride’s Dress: Everything But The Groom
Florals: Flowerella
Event Decor: Chic and Unique Event Design

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  1. Beautiful wedding! Love the location too, these photos are stunning!

  2. Gramma Mc and PaPa says:

    Hi there was I happy to get this today . it is absolutely beautiful the pictures are all perfect . I sent another message but I’m not to good at this tech stuff .So I’ll ask you again do you have any pictures of Brenda the Mother of the bride in her lavender dress could you show me or let me know thank you you did a wonderful job . Wasn’t it a beautiful thing ,I’m so happy for those two THANKS AGAIN Jamie

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