fort langley wedding: damara&goetz

“all of the details for the wedding were coming together perfectly… all the details but damara’s hairstyle,” goetz remembered with a smile, “i listened to her indecisiveness for a few days until i recalled the theme of our wedding. i advised her to tell the stylist: french country, shabby chic, anything goes!–the phrase damara repeated whenever she presented another thrift store find for yet another reception table.” the hundred and fifty guests at the fort langley community hall burst into joyous laughter as the groom leaned over the podium in laughter himself. thankfully, damara did not request a “shabby chic, anything goes” hairstyle but rather a beautiful, side-swept low up-do that complemented her features perfectly. ;)

i have too much to say about this wedding day. how do i tell an eleven-hour wedding day in a paragraph or two? i’m always afraid my writing doesn’t do the day justice. that you simply had to be there in fort langley that day. you had to see the emotion of damara+goetz’s first look on the farm that first brought goetz to canada from his native germany, you had to feel the presence of Jesus upon the ceremony, you had to see the tears in damara’s eyes as she looked at the man she had waited thirty years for. too wonderful. the faithfulness of the Lord. i know both damara + goetz will attest to His faithfulness in their lives, again and again and again. let me tell you their story.

goetz [pronounced not guts or goats; rather a happy medium between the two–i’m not an expert on how to describe that] grew up in germany. thirteen years ago, he decided to come to canada and work for a year. he worked on alder acres, as a young man who literally knew no more than five english words. he worked hard; faithful, long hours. after that year, he returned to germany where he continued to study english and make plans to move to canada permanently. in 2007, goetz moved to canada. working throughout alberta and bc for two years, he eventually settled in langley, british columbia.

damara, on the other hand, was raised in the beautiful province of british columbia. [side note: our parents both attended the vancouver tabernacle way back in the day. when i received her inquiry, i recognized the last name. turns out my dad had even vacationed with her parents a couple of decades ago! it was a delight to be around damara’s family all day that knew my parents and grandparents so well.] she graduated high school here, moved to quebec temporarily a few years later, finished her degree and started teaching at a christian school in langley. this french teacher needed a man. turns out, this french teacher needed nothing less than a german man.

somehow one of their mutual friends [not sure of the exactly connection] heard about this single man named goetz. this friend knew this single girl named damara. her wheels starting turning. hey, goetz, you wanna meet somebody? — maybe… i want to see a picture, though. — check her facebook! — i don’t do facebook. — well, do you want to see a picture or not? fine. here, just use my account. here she is. — ohhh. yes. okay, i’ll meet her! — the phone is picked up. damara? want to meet an awesome guy? okay. he’s going to meet you at starbucks at seven thirty. i know it’s six-thirty right now. you just finished a run? sweaty mess? doesn’t matter. you’re great. you’re awesome. go meet him.

damara smiled at our first meeting when her & i sat at the same starbucks they had met in, just nine months beforehand. it was a connection. a good, solid, beginning to our friendship: i loved talking to him, loved being around him. as the story goes, on damara+goetz’s second date, they stayed up until four in the morning talking. goetz started work at the farm early the next morning an exhausted mess, barely able to concentrate on anything… he broke the tractor. [damara’s fault? or his? who cares! they’re married now and albert+dorothy, the owners of the farm and goetz’s “canadian parents” were very gracious about it all.]

six months of dating later, damara and goetz knew this was for forever. a couple of months later, they were married. the day was relaxed, full of excitement, full of joy. the Lord is so faithful to His beloved. their first look was tearful and absolutely beautiful. i know i say this a lot, but i feel blessed to witness the moment of a man and a woman seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. following an afternoon of photographs, their ceremony was held at a private estate high on the hills of fort langley. the reception followed at the fort langley community hall and the details were impeccable. absolutely impeccable. damara, you planned a gorgeous wedding. i wish you and goetz all the best in this beautiful life–thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

photographer: jamie delaine
caterer: the seasonal experience
venue: fort langley community hall
florals: flowers & company
cake: accent on pastries [langley.]

[Edited to add] – Three years later, I have received countless emails about this ceremony location. It is a completely private venue and they are NOT open to having other weddings there. I am so sorry! Happy wedding planning!

to see more of damara+goetz’ fort langley wedding CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. Jacilyn says:

    My cheeks hurt! I smiled while reading there story. I smiled while looking at their photos. I smiled as I would backtrack and re-look at photos. Love these, they make me smile… out loud!

  2. Rachel Clarke says:

    I love how you included their story in this. It makes me appreciate the photos even more. What a beautiful couple, and beautiful farm. Love the pictures in the pine trees! And her cake is a dream. One of my favorites I’ve seen!

  3. It was so fun to see you in action at a wedding! Great evening (or day for you) too much fun :)

  4. Emma says:

    One of my favorites from you Jamie- stunning couple and what a beautiful love story! God is so good!

  5. Lydia says:

    The skirt of her dress is so unique. Love when brides pick something different and, not connected, how the light during the ceremony bounces to gently illuminate them!

  6. Chris Chong says:

    Love the emotional captures in every image. A smile in every moment in one day makes for a great wedding! Excellent work!

  7. gen says:

    Those ‘first look’ pictures are just beautiful!

  8. Teryn - Sister-in-law says:

    These look wonderful. They perfectly capture all the beautiful details Damara collected and created for this special day. I know she will be so happy with these!

  9. Melissa says:

    This wedding was amazing. Can you please email where their ceremony took place? Its so beautiful!!

  10. Tammy says:

    Can someone please let me know where this ceremony took place?

  11. Darian says:

    I third that request! Where was that ceremony? It’s absolutely gorgeous! Please please let me know?

  12. Tatiana says:

    The photographs taken are so beautiful. What great locations to take some spectacular shots! Could you please tell me where the ceremony took place? It is absolutely breathtaking!

  13. Sarah says:

    Beautiful Photos! Can you please tell me where the ceremony took pace?

  14. Breann says:

    Great pictures! And the infamous question, where did the ceremony take place?

  15. Ashlee says:

    Beautiful photos! I would love to know where the ceremony took place !!

  16. JEnna says:

    Gorgeous – i am also wondering where the ceremony took place. :)

  17. In response to everyone asking and emailing about the ceremony place [There’s been over 30!] — it’s a private residence where they do not want to do any weddings. It was built for his daughter’s wedding, Damara is a close family friend — it’s the only other wedding they have ever held there.

  18. Emily says:


    The place where they had their ceremony was amazing. Do you have the name of someone to contact about it?? or is it not for rent. Pleeeasee?? :) thanks

  19. Samantha says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I was wondering if you knew who the vendor was for the chair covers? I would love to ask the bride about her chairs and her chair covers


  20. Alaina says:

    Love the ceremony spot. Absolutely gorgeous. Could you tell me where that is and by any chance do you have any contact info for it

    Thank you

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