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jericho beach portraits: robyn-michelle lee.

on may twelfth, i received the sweetest email from a girl named robyn. a new vancouver photographer, writing to encourage me in my work, my writing, my life. the email sat in my inbox for a few days, until i happened to click on the link she had left in her email signature. i clicked onto her blog and skimmed a few entries to see what this girl was all about. i was captivated! robyn’s blog quickly became a favourite and i immediately added it to my daily blogroll. her simple and clean style of photography, her sophisticated prose: i was hooked. i emailed her back with a, i inspire you? what! i’ve just devoured the past six months of your blog, you inspire ME!

we met for coffee a couple of weeks later. robyn and i strolled around a much-too-noisy area of burnaby with our starbucks in hand. we stopped to rest in the sunshine on a park bench, chatting, chatting away. i loved learning about robyn’s life and a few of the amazing experiences it has contained. robyn married a man named andrew [who, after meeting him yesterday, is her match in every way!] two years ago. robyn & andrew have traveled all over europe together—they lived in scotland for a full year. robyn is bilingual: fluent in french. so many of the things andrew & robyn have experienced together i look forward to someday. oh europe. robyn is a delight to be around & a delight to photograph. enjoy.

p.s. this photoshoot was a colloboration between robyn-michelle lee, vanessa voth, michelle elisabeth & jamie delaine.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Wow! You outdid yourself with these bridal portraits – Jaime these are incredible! :) Magazine worthy!

  2. These are STUNNING! great job Jamie! :) She is beautiful ….

  3. Dominique says:

    These are beautiful, I love the rich colours and the interesting crops. Stunning! I love reading your blog. Greetings from London!

  4. Love these!! So creative!

  5. gorgeous!! she looks like a beautiful mix of hilary duff and evan rachel wood!

  6. ShainaCele\' says:

    Oh my glory! These are GORGEOUS photos! =D You seriously inspire me Jamie.

  7. Rachel Clarke says:

    I scrolled through these 3 times already. She’s so beautiful. (love her eyes!) I can’t even choose a favorite! Love all the poses and editing. :)

  8. s h e r r y says:

    GORGEOUS photos. She’s stunning…

  9. Leah Mullett says:

    Seriously Jamie …. I don’t think I can afford to stalk another blog. I’ve hit my limit. I’m going to have to remove one off the list because I’m already in love with robyn’s blog … after reading one post. Thanks for sharing and I hope I get to meet you someday too because I too am always trying to encourage you and your work because its amazing. just amazing ;)

  10. kristin says:

    stunning for sure! between the 3 of you, robyn is going to have an incredible amount of photos to choose from for her album! so well done! i’ve added you to my blog reading…or rather photo gazing. so nice to have found your site! your photos are gorgeous!

  11. Crystal Rain says:

    Simply beautiful. Love your work Jamie.

  12. em says:

    jamie these are just killer. they kill me. i die.

  13. Chantel says:

    Totally your best work yet Jamie! Awesome!

  14. These are really stunning. so lovely.

  15. gen says:

    Jamie, these are some of my favourites of all your pictures! I *love love love* them! Just gorgeous!

  16. delicate. beautiful. the end.

  17. Megs Menke says:

    My favs! So beautiful! I had to comment on these because they are just so fantastic!

  18. What a beautiful girl, these photos are all stunning. Well done!

  19. Olga says:

    LOVE!!!!!!!!! I will continue to tell you … you are incredibly talented!!

  20. All your photos look gorgeous! I love looking at collaborative shoots because its interesting to see all the different styles of shooting and editing even though the photos were taken at the same time :)

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