best of: 2010 weddings.

we’ve looked at the “best of 2010: engagement sessions” and now it’s time to review the year’s weddings. what a year it was! i photographed twenty-eight weddings. the year before, only fifteen. pretty much double the workload—i absolutely couldn’t have done it without two people in particular: my second shooter leanne & my brother brandon. best assistant. best editor. win-win. they made the wedding season a breeze! well, maybe not a breeze: there were some tired moments, but it is the absolute best feeling to look back on a year’s worth of hard work. my first wedding of 2011 is on march 19th: i still have three months to go—i’m enjoying the break but i know i’ll be jumpin’ to photograph a wedding by the time march comes!

for the most popular weddings of this year [a list compiled based on the amount of blog comments] they lined up exactly with my favourite weddings. when i think about the three weddings i most enjoyed shooting this year, these three come to mind: alison & ryan on the coast, erika & malcolm on the island, rebecca & adam in the country. something they all have in common is amazing, amazing wedding style: very personal, do-it-yourself touches that i adore–as well as the fact that i had to travel to the weddings. the last one, not so much: only an hour from my house. i still stayed overnight at a hotel that night though. that’s what i love. i love traveling: love little get-a-ways but sometimes taking planes, trains, ferries & automobiles gets a little much. it’s nice to have to only take one of the listed transportation modes. ;) i thoroughly enjoyed turning all these weddings into “wedding weekends.” ENJOY! [p.s. i’m also thinking about doing a best of: 2010 details post. thoughts?]

alison & ryan’s sunshine coast wedding on august 21st.
// see their blog post.
// watch their slideshow.

erika & malcolm’s vancouver island wedding on august 14th.
// see their blog post.
// watch their slideshow.

rebecca & adam’s fraser river lodge wedding on july 3rd.
// see their blog post.
// watch their slideshow.

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  1. Natalie says:

    So many gorgeous weddings! :) So inspiring! Congrats!

  2. Lydia says:

    I adore details, so my vote is to bring it!

  3. Vida Carson says:

    Gorgeous weddings! Great job, Jamie!

  4. Gail says:

    Yup yup! DEFINITELY my three fave weddings of yours for the year! (add Laurell’s in there too!)

  5. Rachel CLarke says:

    Definitely post details!! Love the pictures. :)

  6. Kristi says:

    I LOVE those J Crew dresses! They are gorgeous!!!!!

  7. Ashley says:

    stunning as always Jamie!

  8. Holly says:

    yep! bring the deets! :)

  9. Erika says:

    Yay for 20 ten! Thank you Jamie! You are our FAVORITE too, thanks so much for the amazing coverage. What a treasure your photos are!

  10. Naomi says:

    Erika and Malcom’s wedding was my favourite that you shot this year, Jamie. I just loved the little hand touches they put all over … actually it looked like my dream wedding! :) Can’t wait to see what awesome pictures you’ll take this year!!!

  11. Krystal Griffin says:

    Details, Details! Please, Please!

  12. Sheila Comer says:

    The house covered in the over growth is unreal! Beautiful shots!

  13. Alison Page says:

    Thank YOU so much Jamie, we are still gushing over the stunning images you captured of us and our wedding! We couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome! Best of luck to you in the New Year and Ryan and I are looking forward to working with you again soon!!

  14. Rebecca Sehn says:

    Wahoo! You’re the best Jamie. I couldn’t love them any more. :)

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