Cecil Green Park House Wedding : Kim and Shawn

Kim & Shawn met four years ago, in a Human Kinetics class at UBC. Kim’s mother remembers her daughter coming home from class one day with seven simple words: “Met a cute boy at school today.” These words were uttered just before the door slammed to Kim’s bedroom for the night–and little did they know that Kim would marry that cute boy.

Friday, August 14th, had come and despite the prediction of afternoon rain earlier in the week: the sky opened up and the beautiful sunshine poured down. (Once again, my streak of rain-free weddings continues. It’s beginning to scare me.) Kim and her girls got ready at her maid of honour’s house (who is also engaged!) before meeting up with the boys at Cecil Green Park House UBC for Kim and Shawn’s First Look. The afternoon was spent taking photos around Cecil Green, angering a staff member for shooting at an adjacent building (“That was so hilarious,” Kim laughed, “He was almost shaking in frustration!”) and finishing up with shots at the beach.

The sunset seven o’ clock ceremony was nothing short of gorgeous: perfect light, perfect temperature, a perfect couple. Shawn hates this nickname, but apparently he’s been known as “Mr. Perfect” for quite a few years now by his buddies. As one of his groomsmen said in a speech, “Shawn has found his Mrs. Perfect.” And they are wonderful together, as I first witnessed during their engagement session a few months back. Kim and Shawn, you two were a joy to photograph and I honestly loved every second of this wedding! Enjoy your new life together!

I really loved Kim’s shoes: the wedge heel is smart!




First Looks: Ohh how I love them. So much better than the silent meeting at the end of the aisle during the ceremony. This is the way to go brides. I know I’ll be doing it this way someday!


Gooooood-lookin’ bridal party!



My second shooter Fran Chelico grabbed this shot and I’m a huge fan. Thanks Fran!


They are SO CUTE together it hurts. Love love love shooting them.


The light was fabulous. They were beautiful. It was wonderful.





Two of my favourites!


Another favourite. I have too many favourites. I should just stop calling them favourites. ;)



cecil-green-park-house-wedding-<br /> photography



I rarely chose to include family formals in the blog post, but I loved this one. I love the composition and I think Kim looks so elegant and her Grandpa looks so proud. Kim’s grandpa is one of her absolute favourite people and their relationship is so sweet. Her grandmother passed away over ten years ago, but Kim was wearing a few pieces of her jewellery in honour of her passing.


Totally candid: just walking to the next photo spot. Adorb.






Kim and Shawn chose to have a simple, cocktail, appetizer reception and I loved the soft details.


A sweet moment between Kim and her maid of honour Shannon. Shannon started to well up with tears in the middle of her speech saying how much she loved and appreciated Kim. Kim jumped out of her chair and ran over to offer comfort.


An intimate first dance.



These are some of my favourite first dance shots. Ohhh here I go with the favourite again! ;)


Work it out, Kim!


To see more of Kim & Shawn’s wedding day CLICK HERE for a slideshow.

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  1. Kara Wieler says:

    These are fantastic. The one with her grandfather is super cute. I also love the ones of them walking… love the “inbetween” shots!

  2. I love that first portrait. Beautiful! :)

  3. These are AMAZING!!!!!!! awesome lighting.

  4. anda marie says:

    soooo pretty, jamie! beautiful work. i especially love the series in front of the house on the porch.

  5. Fran Chelico says:

    Jamie!! These are just gorgeous! It was so much fun shooting with you! You are one talented lady!!

  6. Otto Rascon says:

    Great job and thanks for sharing. I especially love the reception images. The rim lighting on the couple dancing is spectacular. Man, I wish I had images like this from my wedding.

  7. what a beautiful beautiful couple!

    p.s. it rained at the 8/14/09 wedding I shot. In Idaho. …. but cleared up JUST IN TIME for the portraits!

  8.!! Great work Ms Jaimie! What a beautiful couple and YUMMY light!

  9. You rocked it Jamie! That leg bruise didnt slow you down! :)

  10. Jasmine* says:

    So, so beautiful! Talk about some GORGEOUS light!! :)

  11. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love love love the B+W stuff!

  12. Lydia says:

    I have so many favorites from this wedding too!!

  13. Jamie, Once again you have taken beautiful pictures of us. When I look at these pictures, I can FEEL my wedding day. You are so amazing!! THANK YOU!!

  14. Gorgeous! the first dance one is perfect…and i agree with everyone else – the lighting is spectacular!

  15. Melanie says:

    Jamie these are soooo fantastically lovely.
    what a beautiful couple!

  16. Linden says:

    Jamie, Jamie you are awesome, you totally rocked this wedding! One day when I’m grown up I want to be half as awesome as you are! wait we are the same age… ummm well one day I hope to be half as awesome :)

  17. Jenn says:

    What a cute story! GREAT images! I love viewing your work!

  18. WOW! Just wow! Amazing!

  19. Amanda Gray says:


    always the dancer Kimbo Slice….at least that dress kept your legs down :)

    Love ya

  20. Kayla says:

    Wow! These are so, so pretty! Love them!

  21. Kasey says:

    Fabulous shots here! They are GORGEOUS!

  22. Beautiful lighting and such an adorable, sweet couple :)

  23. Meg says:

    Beautiful clarity in these!

  24. kudos Jamie. these are GREAT!

  25. Well, let’s just say you got some talent up your sleeve. ;) The couple seems to be very “into” each-other! Love that!

  26. Suki says:

    I think they deserve the titel Mr. and Mrs. Perfect.
    They are so sweet!

  27. Emma Rae (aka business manager) says:

    You’ve outdone yourself Jamie! Wowza! I love your captions =)

  28. Anna says:

    She bears a striking resemblance to the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and is quite beautiful! Great photos! :)

  29. I’m with ya’ girl…totally doing a first look! :) I can officially say that now that I’m actually getting married!!!Ha! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL wedding!! :)

  30. Bianca says:

    Yowzers! She looks like Princess Fergie! Great shoot :)

  31. ELM.K. says:

    These are really stellar. Handled light very well. I think these are some of your best yet! I especially like the two bw getting ready images of the bride.

  32. Andrea says:

    Fergie, mmmm…. no, I would have to say Julianne Moore!! Kim and Shawn, you both look striking and these photos are incredible!

  33. Celina Gomez says:

    LOVE the lighting! You have a God given gift ;-)


  34. Kim your wedding looks beautiful! Congratulation to both of you!!!

  35. Cyler Parent says:

    I just discovered you from OSP. You have amazing work. I get to shoot a wedding at this gorgeous location in September and can’t wait.

  36. Nicole Haley says:

    I’m scared you might be using up all of the amazing light there is to offer! Theses are totally brilliant – and the bride and groom are absolutely radiant. Awesome Jamie!

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